How to slim your wallet

It is evident that the modern technology is doing more. Today, you do not have to carry every receipt, credit card and many bills in your wallet. When it comes to receipts, you just need to photograph them and save them in your smartphone.

Apart from looking bad, a bulging back wallet will cause wear to your pair of trousers and your body in addition to causing unnecessary stress. You do not have to haul the unnecessary stuff around throughout the day. Get a Kinzd slim wallet and follow these steps to slim the wallet.

– Go for the right wallet

Two wallets can hold the same number of notes and cards but appear to have different sizes. That is a radical difference and if you are planning to start with a very big wallet, you should find a better way of filling it. The market offers a wide variety of wallets and you should know the one to go for if you need something slim.

– Select the cards that you use frequently

You would never agree with a person who told you to forget about your debit or credit card or ID. We are also aboard in carrying credit cards, metro pass, the subway card, and the work access card. Anything can go out of your daily wallet. Scared? Try it for one day, two days and possibly a week.

Some cards will creep back if you allow them, but you will be happy with what you do not miss. Perhaps, you have the 2-3 cards and ID that you use each week. Put them in the easier to access slots.

– Choose the infrequent but important credit and debit cards

Some things like the health-care cards, donor card, business cards, and additional bankcards are in this list. Stake them in an efficient way – together in the flat section of your wallet. That way, you will be able to use them whenever the need arises.

– Collect any other card

Store and club cards, frequent flyer cards, mementos, and frequent flyer cards should be among the cards to collect at this stage. They are the cards you have to remove from your wallet and keep in your vehicle or drawer. If any of them is a number, you can store it in your phone’s contacts. If you are fancy, take photos of the cards and save them in an app with the appropriate tags.

– Throw away what you do not need

Transfer the photos from your wallet to the smartphone. Process the receipts or remove them from your wallet each night. You need the notes, but not coins. Do not keep any coins in your wallet because they will add more weight and destroy your credit and debit cards. The coins can go into your regular pockets, in the coin pocket, in the bag or put them in your drawer or pocket.


After throwing away what you do not need, your wallet will look beautiful and the size will be manageable. And if you need a better way of managing the receipts, Evernote allows you to do that in a better way. Each time you get a receipt, you will just need to photograph it with your phone and email it to the customer account email. Throw the receipt away. For quick retrieval, you might need to process the cards for recognition. You can also find the best daily deals on dealsreddit.