Car Buying Tips From Car Dealerships Rochester NY

The process of buying a new car is an exciting time of your life; however, it can get quite tedious and daunting, too. In New York, there are a lot of car dealerships for you to choose a car from; hence, it is vital that you know how to start in your pursuit of the perfect vehicle.

Some of those dealerships in New York are those found in Rochester. This article gives you a list of things you should have in mind when buying a car.

1. Do your research

Before you head out to Rochester, take some time first to do a lot of research and to study. Remember that there are numerous car dealerships for you to choose from, and it will be an excellent idea for you to have a list of available options. Do not stick to being obsessed with just one car or one dealer, just so you have other alternatives in case your first choice is not feasible. For example:

* If you are buying a second-hand vehicle, research on the current market value of the car model that you are looking for, and compare the different prices in various car dealers in Rochester, so you can get the best deal possible.

* If you are buying a brand-new car, recheck the selling price and the possible discount if you pay in full in cash.

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2. Make sure you can afford it

When buying anything, especially something as expensive as a car, you should always think about your budget. As much as possible, stay away from cars that are way over your budget. Do not be too ambitious with your choice, even if you already have your pre-financing options available. Make sure as well that the loan you take out for purchasing your car is on a range that you can afford to pay for monthly.

Here are some aspects of the budget that you should keep in mind:

* Your monthly income

* Your allocation for contingency, in case of emergencies

* The allowable amount that you can afford to pay for the interest expense of your car loan

3. Keep in mind all the other costs necessary to the car

Your expenses when purchasing a car do not only end upon the payment of the final purchase price and signing of the vehicle’s sale. When looking at various options of cars to buy, also ask about the maintenance costs that you will necessarily have to incur as a part of its upkeep, such as:

* Yearly overall checkup and maintenance

* Cost of new tires

* Average price of repairs

* Average fuel cost

These enumerated cost factors can add up and will eat up a part of your budget so you have to make sure that they will also not drain a hole in your pocket.

4. As a bonus, ask about the freebies, too

Car dealerships are always in competition with each other, and they would always strive to give you the best offer. For customers, whatever form of freebie or arrangement that they can get for free is already a big deal. When you are buying a car, do ask around about the freebies, too, as some car dealerships in Rochester may offer better options than others. These costs can add up, and it would be good to save on some of them, like the following:

* Free car registration

* Free processing of papers about the sale

* One year’s worth of car insurance premium

* Free car tinting and the like

5. Look at brand-new and used cars

In Rochester, you will find a wide array of car dealerships that can offer various options for cars, from brand-new to used vehicles. Hence, do not be afraid to check second-hand vehicles as well, as you might be surprised at all the savings you can have. Perhaps you would no longer even have to take out a considerable amount of loan that you will end up paying for many years.

Second-hand cars aren’t as bad as you think you are. If you choose carefully, you will find a lot of options for sale that are still good as new. The best thing you can do is to bring your mechanic with you so that they can help you check if you are buying a car that is still in good working condition.


Purchasing a car is not like buying a new set of clothes, where if you are no longer happy with it, you can quickly sell or give them away. A car is meant to stay with you for years to come, as it will be one of your most expensive assets. When heading out to Rochester to shop for a car, bring along this list of tips with you to help you out in the process of selection. When you have these in mind, it helps you make a more informed decision when buying your car.