Making the right choice when putting your trust on a car dealership is extremely important. When looking for the right car dealership, it is vital that you put in a lot of time and effort.

Buying a car can be quite expensive, and it is one of those investments that you cannot just replace easily. This article gives you quick tips on how to find the best car dealer in Rochester NY for your purchase:

1. Choose the one that offers reasonable price ranges

The price of a specific car model, whether brand-new or second-hand, is usually fixed, as it is determined by its current market value, affected by its model year, and specifications. But when comparing prices between car dealerships, you may notice that cars of the same brand, make, and model may already vary, as this can be dependent on factors such as the following:

* Mark-up of the individual car dealerships for them to earn a profit

* Cost of paperwork

* Other add-ons such as warranties and servicing that can also vary per car dealership

With all these, the dealer should be able to offer you a reasonable price. Most car dealerships, such as those from, are more than willing to offer you a discounted price, too, especially if you pay the full amount in cash.

2. Do the right amount of research and take time to window shop

It is important for you to do your research regardless of whether you’re from Rochester or not. When you are keen on your research, you have higher chances of selecting good car dealerships. Here are ways for you to do your research:

* Search in your local directory for car dealerships

* Ask for referrals from family and friends

* Browse the internet as many dealerships also have websites

Another benefit of doing your research is that you can already filter out your options beforehand. In this manner, you have a greater assurance that you aren’t dealing with a bogus company. When you have a list of options from referrals or from your research, be patient and take the time to window shop. Here are some factors for you to check when you window shop:

* Location of the car dealership

* Selection of cars that they offer

* Quality of the vehicles that they offer

When you double check on the factors mentioned above, you can see better if the car dealership handles its business professionally, or if they’re just there merely to earn money. It is crucial, too, that you check on the general quality of the cars as you wouldn’t want to end up owning a vehicle that needs a lot of maintenance.

3. Factor in your level of comfort with the company

Always trust your first instincts; if you feel like something is off with the car dealership, then it might be better to look for another option. Remember that your relationship with the car company does not only end up on the final payment and signing of the sale contract as you will regularly be meeting with them for check-ups, maintenance, and the like.

Upon your first meeting, you should have a level of comfort and ease with them, as it can be heavy on your part to deal with an unresponsive and unprofessional company.

4. Check if they offer insurance premiums

Proper car dealerships should offer insurance premiums. This service is perfect for you as a buyer, as you will no longer have to worry about finding the right car insurance at a separate time and place.

For some car dealers, they even offer free insurance premiums for your car for a year. It will be an enjoyable experience to trust a company that gives out insurance premiums, since it shows that they care about you, too, as a customer, and not just about the sales that they can earn from you.

5. Bring your mechanic

If you’re buying a used car, do bring your mechanic to check the vehicle that you wanted to buy, so they can give you an honest opinion on the overall quality of the car. From their feedback, you can filter out which car dealers are honest about the quality of their vehicles, and which of them are not.

6. Test drive the car

When you are trying to select a car from various car dealership options, take time to test drive at least two cars from each car dealer that you are looking at. When you do this, you are able to check not just the cars that you feel best suit you, but you will also have a first-hand experience as to the overall quality of the cars in each dealer. From here, you can also sift through your options by choosing the car dealer that you feel has the cars that make you most happy and confident about buying.

7. Consider the number of years in business

The longer the number of years that a car dealer has been in business, the higher the chances of them being reliable and really knowing the ins and outs of the automotive industry. As purchasing a car is a pricey investment, it is best that you put your choice, trust, and money in a car dealer that has the most years of experience and expertise than others.


The tips mentioned above can help you avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong car dealerships. Choosing a car, especially used ones, is not easy since you cannot quickly replace or sell it like a used piece of clothing. Therefore, you should put your trust and your hard-earned money in a reliable car dealership.