Wedding invitations may be a simple piece of paper. But it plays a massive role in your wedding. For one, a wedding invitation card serves as the official “entry” of your guests to your wedding day.

It is sort of like flyers and posters for a concert; it includes everything guests need to know.

But most importantly, it is the first glimpse of your marriage ceremony. That is why many couples are spending time customizing the design or finding amazing designers that could do their invitations.

Why Design Your Wedding Invitation?

How beautiful your wedding invitation is, can reflect what the guests will expect during your wedding day. It is not necessarily the thought process that goes through every guest, but it does come to mind.

You do not have to be the one designing the actual invitation if you are not confident. There are many designers and printing shops that can create bespoke invitations.

But even when you are hiring some professionals, you still have a say on how it will look.

Then again, designing your invitation by yourself can help you save some money. At least all you need to find is a printing shop that will print your design.

How to Design Wedding Invitations

Here are some tips if you want to be more hands-on in creating your wedding invitations:

1. Consider the size and shape of your invite.

It may not be the first thing you thought of, but knowing the size and shape of your invitation can have an effect on the design.

Therefore, know the standard sizes if you must. Consider whether the layout is landscape or portrait. Or, check with a printing shop or stationery boutique if they have some unique shapes that you can try.

2. Choose a theme.

The theme should be something that can represent you and your future spouse appropriately.

Most couples choose a classic and elegant style as it never goes wrong and is versatile. It is the perfect choice for people who have not decided on a wedding motif yet.

However, more couples are venturing towards unique and modern invitation pieces that are more casual. You can find some inspiration from your wedding motif.

3. Spend time on the typeface.

The typeface is as crucial as other elements of your invitation. Remember that it should be appealing to look at and can complement the entire theme you choose.

Script fonts are the go-to font, especially for classic and elegant designs. But you can deviate from the norm and choose a more unconventional font, especially if you are working on a more modern design.

However, ensure that the typeface you choose allows your guests to read everything with ease. Some fonts can mess up words and numbers, and it can lead to confusion.

4. Design the RSVP, too.

Répondez s’il vous plaît or RSVP is another vital piece of a wedding invitation. You can have a card sent back to you, or it can be a little card with your contact details. Any way you choose, make sure that your guests would let you know whether they are coming or not.

Creating a beautiful invitation will make your guests more excited for the event. By being more hands-on in the process, you can customize everything.