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No matter what kind of car you’re planning to purchase, be prepared to bargain with the car salesperson. If you don’t try to haggle with them, they’ll try to squeeze out every penny that they can get from you. They’re very much experienced in that realm, and you have to find your own leverage to bargain. Here are ways to bargain with car dealerships in Greece, NY.

1. Do your research

The first thing you have to do is to research about the market price for the car that you’re planning to purchase. You can check out the website of your car’s brand to get its suggested retail prices. Another option is to visit car review websites for the estimated car value.

Knowledge is key. Try to find out market prices from every avenue in your area. Whether from friends, family, the internet, reviews, or fliers. Get as much information as you can because the more knowledge you have, the more it can help you get the best deals.

2. Go around several car dealerships

Another tip is to collate all price lists of different dealerships online and in your area. If you find a dealership that has a lower price point, you can tell the other dealership about the price. In that way, you’ll have leverage. The other dealership will either match the price or make it lower just to get the sale done. is one of the car dealerships in Greece, NY that offers great deals.

Going around will also show the car dealership that you know what you’re talking about, and they can’t just fool you into buying a car over the price it’s worth. Since you’re more experienced, you can spot the lies that some of them will tell you. This will also help you look for the best car.

3. Try not to negotiate

To get a good bargain, sometimes it’s more helpful not to try to bargain at all. What you need to do is set a target price. Then, tell the salesperson or manager that you will only get the car if they hit your target price. If they don’t hit your target price, respectfully decline the offer and leave your cellphone number with them in case they have better offers.

Once your target price is within their reach, they will give you a call at once. However, just a word of caution: when you try to do this, you should still be nice in saying it. If you are a bit tense, you might come off to be too aggressive. Hence, you might let a good deal go. So, craft your words, tone, and facial expressions properly to avoid giving the wrong countenance.

4. Wait until the last day of the month before making a follow-up

These car dealerships always have quotas to fulfill every month. Once it is nearing the end of the month, these salespeople and sales managers are pressured to meet their target sales. Because of this, when you follow up, they’ll be desperate to seal the deal. Hence, they’ll offer you the best bargains, and you’ll be able to score a car for the lowest possible price. Timing is also a factor in getting the best bargain in car dealerships.

5. Get your own personal financing

Avoid the financing that comes with the car. As much as possible, look for different kinds of finance options from several banks. Sometimes, it’s better not to get in-house financing from the car dealership, and you can even get better deals for your car if you have your own. So, go to different banks and get different quotations to narrow down your choices.

6. Visit the car dealer during a bad weather

During days with terrible weather such as storms, car sales are drastically affected. Because of this, when you start to call or visit the salesperson or manager, they’ll be very happy to see you. Since they’re not currently having much visitors or selling much cars, you might get a better chance to have a great deal.

You need to find a window where there are less buyers, and where salespeople are desperate for a sale. With those timing differences, it’s more possible to convince them to bend in your favor.


Ultimately, the ways to bargain with a car dealership boils down to knowledge, courteousness, and timing. Just follow the tips above, and you’ll be able to get the best deal and a reasonable price for your car.