Food Storage Guidelines For A Zombie Apocalypse

In case you are one of the many people who actually believe a zombie apocalypse is coming here are some food storage guidelines to help you survive the end of the world as we know it.


With all the latest zombie movies coming out people are thinking up imaginative and funny ways to survive this terror. Numerous zombie survival guides have been published and even car manufacturers such as Hyundai have been building machines to survive for when the walking dead roam the Earth.

But what really is the most important thing to survive a zombie apocalypse? Food!

All those common comforts you’ve grown to love would be a thing of the past. No more, pizzas delivered to year front door. Say good bye to McDonald burgers and microwave dinners as the chance of having electricity to nuke your meals is gonna be as slim as finding a snooze button on a smoke alarm.

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Medicine would become a vital trading commodity and even spark off huge wars. Rotting teeth would probably have to be removed with a pair of pliers and without anesthetic. And any sickness, injuries or broken bones would have to be taken care of by yourself.

So maybe a few first aid classes right now might not be a bad idea before the shit hits the fan.

But first let`s start with some food storage guidelines

First Day Of A Zombie Apocalypse


There will be nothing but chaos and calamity so you have got to think quick. It’s not just the following few days you have to plan for but the years ahead. A single mistake could cost you your life.

First thing you must do is get to your nearest grocery and pharmacy store but don`t be greedy and try to take too much as it could slow you down and leave more susceptible to attack.

Find a great hiding place to stash the foods and meds so that you can easily come back and collect them at a later time.

Also there are going to be other survivors all trying to do the same thing so being quicker and stocking up first could be the difference between life and death in the months to come.

How to Plan For Food


Food and water. What’s your plan? There’s only so much you’ll be able to carry away from a market before the undead are on your tail.

Plan your food and water supply today while you can but don`t tell anyone. The last thing you want is survivors smashing down your door for easy pickings when all hell breaks loose.

Food Storage Guidelines List



Rice tops the list for survival foods. It has a shelf-life of more than a century and provides plenty of carbohydrates, which you’ll need for additional energy in a Resident Evil kind of world.

Keep in mind that brown rice won’t keep nearly as long as white rice, as it has a higher oil content. Besides this is not the best time to worry about carbs, so get and white rice.

Also running from zombies on daily basis is gonna keep you in shape anyway.


Honey is another carb-friendly food that will keep for ages. It may even crystallize but that doesn’t keep it from being safe to ingest. There’s something to be said for being able to satisfy your sweet tooth in stressful times while providing your body with a superior energy source.

Tinned Food

Canned meats are essential for protein. Spam might not be your favorite dish but it has a long shelf life and it gives your body what it needs. Tinned tuna fish and sardines are great choices too.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the best apocalyptic foods around. It will keep for five to ten years and it’s an undeniable source of all protein, carbs and fat. Not to mention it tastes good.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is probably the most important on the list so make sure you have plenty. You’ll especially need it in the beginning of the apocalypse, when you’re running to and fro in an attempt to hunt and gather like your cavemen ancestors.

Non Essential But Useful

Corn starch, salt, lard and hard liquor can also last several years and supply a great variety of uses.

Other Food Considerations


Cooking Pans

Numerous cast-iron pans will help you get through tough times. They can be used for collecting rainwater and cooking.


The more boxes of matches you can store the better because fire is going to be extremely essential for survival.

But while you are burning through your matches you should still be practicing rubbing two sticks together because those matches aren`t gonna last forever.


Garden seeds will help to ensure food for tomorrow. Have plenty on hand and get to planting that new crop of vegetation as soon as the last freeze is over.

Food Storage

To prolong your supplies it might be a good idea to store them in five gallon sealed buckets. It will help to keep moisture out, as well as any four-legged creatures that are also in search of survival foods.

Add some uncooked rice to the bottom of your buckets before sealing them to keep oxygen out and give all your apocalyptic treasures the longest possible shelf life.

It might be a good idea to add labels so you remember what’s in all those buckets.

Plan ahead today so you can be here tomorrow!

Do you know of any other great food storage guidelines that might help?

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