Fancy A Bite To Eat At Beijing Toilet Restaurant The House Of Poo?

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Would you fancy a bite to eat at the Beijing toilet restaurant “The House of Poo” where you can eat poop themed dishes while sitting on a toilet seat?.

You’re in luck.

At Beijing’s House of Poo — yes, that’s really its name — all 50 seats are made from actual toilet bowls, topped with cartoon-themed warmers. Winnie the Pooh included, naturally.

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Dishes include “poo funny mud” (mashed potato) and beef curries served in tabletop toilets and mini-urinals.

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“The food wasn’t really that good,” says Alain. “Or maybe it was good, but the environment I was in might have contributed to my judgment of the food’s taste.”

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Although this sounds like a textbook case of “only in Beijing,” there are actually similar toilet-themed concepts at restaurants in Taiwan and Seoul.

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“I would recommend this to fellow adventurous tourists with a fun attitude,” says Alain. “The experience might gross you out at first, but when you’re with the right people, it will be a memorable experience.”

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Source: CNN News

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