V12 Espresso Machine For Car Lovers

Car lovers will be happy to learn that a new V12 espresso machine has just come on the market. This machine was designed as a tribute to the Grand Prix engines of the nineties and not only does it make a damn god cup of coffee but it is also a work of automotive art for your home.

The coffee filters are delicately shaped like oil filters, chrome exhaust tubes dispense the brew and pistons are the espresso cups. Each espresso machine is hand built and the company are offering V8 and V10 for those wanting a less powerful coffee maker. This beast is a car enthusiasts dream.

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Unfortunately Espresso Veloce will only be making 500 units and they will be with a price tag of around $15’000 so if you seriously want one of these bad boys then you better get your engine started and hurry as we imagine they will be gone fast.

V12 Espresso Machine For Car Lovers 3

Interested in one of these V12 coffee machines then visit Espresso Veloce official site here.

These espresso machines are available with an option to have certain elements of the machine colored thus making it even more unique.


V12 Espresso Machine For Car Lovers 2

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Which espresso machine would you choose, the V8, V10 or V12?

Did you know that Espresso is made with ground coffee when hot water is forced through the compacted finely ground coffee at high pressure. In 1901 an engineer from Milan, Luigi Bezzera invented and patented the first pressurized cylindrical coffee machine. In the early 1940s Achille Gaggia invented a piston-based espresso machine that improved coffee by eliminating the burnt taste and giving espresso a thicker consistency. Initially for professional use in coffee bars, the espresso machine production gradually became avaialable for use at home and has led to some amazing machines like the V12 coffee maker above.

The word Espresso literally means “when something is forced out.”