Eight Ways to Boost Your Dealership’s Workshop Performance

A dealership workshop should be spacious enough to accommodate all the automobiles you will be dealing with, and it should also be well conditioned to maximize the performance of the workers.

You can be sure to boost profits and retain your customers by setting up a smart workshop, hiring well trained staff, and equipping the workshop with the latest digital tools.

Here are some ways in which you can boost your dealership’s workshop performance:

1. Dealership management system (DMS)

This is a management information system designed specifically for the automotive industry and for other equipment manufacturers that assists in running the dealership. The system integrates all management functions, thereby reducing operational costs. When you are choosing the right DMS for your workshop, you should consider its practicality, the support system it is going to offer, and also the size of your business.

2. Outbound marketing systems

A dealer should have systems to assist them in extracting and analyzing data to offer after-sales services to retain your customers. The use of predictive tools provides marketing solutions that are data-driven, hence increasing profits.

3. Part-ordering systems

Most customers will shop online before ordering any parts and accessories or services from a dealer. Having a well designed website can boost your profits by giving you an edge in the market. You can use online payment wallets to receive payment, which is a safe way to make an online money transfer.

4. Workshop video application

This system helps you gain your customer’s confidence in what you are doing when maintaining their cars. You can also integrate the video application with the electronic vehicle health check to improve its relevance to the job. This is a great way of upselling your services because the interactions between the technician and the car owner become easier and more understandable.

5. Electronic vehicle health check

The technician checking the vehicle is able to identify the state of the vehicle and share the findings with the customer through a video. The report uses understandable signs, i.e red, yellow, and green, to indicate the car’s condition. The customer can approve the services to be provided based on their own evaluation. As a dealer, you need to act promptly given the online competition to retain customers.

6. Upselling oil

Quality oil is paramount for a healthy engine, and the dealer should always ensure that the oil they are using and selling is premium in order to retain customers. You can also gain customers online through upselling engine oil top-ups.

Speaking of winning customers’ confidence, you also need to have ample space for your workshop to enable proper execution of activities and for storing necessary supplies and equipment. Although putting up a structure may be a challenge to you, you can set up a workshop in a short time and at an affordable cost with Smart Space workshops.

7. Wheel alignment system

Given that premium cars require 3D and touchless versions of wheel alignment systems, having them in your workshop will be a great advantage for capturing the premium market.

8. Automated test lanes (ATL)

Using modernized ATL can increase your productivity because a full MOT can be carried out by one mechanic rather than two, as required by the standard MOT bay.