Australian Migration Law: Why You Want A Migration Agent

There are many great reasons to want to immigrate to Australia, and it comes as no wonder that applications come from nations all around the world, including plenty of other first world countries.

It will come as no surprise that there are far more applications for immigrating to Australia than there are openings available. While Australia can be really welcoming, migration law is a complicated area, and the truth is no matter how solid you tend to be with legal documents, hiring a migration agent is a smart move that is going to increase your chances of getting the results you want drastically.

Major Laws

The foundation of immigration laws for the nation of Australia comes from the Migration Act of 1958 that set the major framework that is still the backbone of how migration law works in the country to this day. However, the Migration Regulations of 1994 drastically changed many things and further refined the process. Beyond those significant two laws, which most people hoping to immigrate to Australia don’t understand thoroughly, there are the additional regulations and rules that are overseen by the Department of Home Affairs.

Feel like you need help yet? This is where a right migration agent can be your best friend through this process.

Finding A Migration Agent

The first step in finding a reliable migration agent is finding one who is officially recognized and registered. The good news is that Australia believes in transparency and so you should be able to confirm that any agent is MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) listed. This helps prove that they are legit and fully legally allowed to practice and aid in immigration law.

How Do Migration Agents Help?

First of all, it’s important to understand that at the end of the day a migration agent can’t single-handedly change the decision or outcome on whether or not a person is allowed to immigrate into Australia. However, what migration agents can do is make sure your paperwork and document are filled in correctly and that everything is done well so that an individual has the best chance of passing inspection.

Help Prepare A Visa Application

Preparing a visa application is a crucial part of the process because no visa means no entry. This may be a step that needs to be repeated as you may start with one type of visa and then over time need to move over to another style of visa.

A good migration agent will be able to give you advice about the application, help to prepare that applies regardless of the type of visa you are going for, and advise the sponsor on what needs to be done to increase the chances of a successful visa.

There’s a lot to the ins and outs about the Australian migration laws and whether preparing for upcoming court proceedings, helping to prepare a request to exercise powers or rights under the Migration Act, or even in some cases representing someone during the proceedings, there are many ways hiring a migration agent is a winning proposition for applicants.