Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Law is a complicated topic, and the more you think you got it, it changes to something else. When you are facing charges that you are sure you are innocent, proving that to the jury cannot set you free.

Your accusers know best how to manipulate the law and twist things up to get you in jail. Therefore, unless you are sure you have the skills around the law; it’s the best time to hire a criminal attorney in your defense team. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a criminal lawyer when in trouble with the law.

1. They know the system

Unlike other lawyers, a criminal attorney spends most of their time studying and learning the criminal justice system. If based in New York, for instance, you need an attorney experienced with handling criminal law there. A New York City criminal lawyer will have better experience around the system than you. They understand what it takes to get you free. The attorney can examine your case and develop a convenient argument strategy that will capture the attention of the jury. Therefore, you will not have to spend hours studying criminal law books before the hearing. Instead, give your trust to them, and they will guide you on various court orders and proceedings.

2. It can reduce your sentencing or prevent it

In case you are guilty of the offense, and the jury is about to make their judgment, it is up to the attorney to plead on your behalf. In other words, the attorney can strike a deal with the prosecutor that can give you a reduced sentence or even eliminate some of your charges. This is a deal that you may not get when you choose to represent yourself through the case proceeding. Since the lawyer understands the system, they are in a better position to negotiate with the jury in your favor.

3. They help ease your emotions

Whether you committed the crime or someone planted it on you, there are emotional strings attached to the process. Occasionally, you will need someone to trust you and tell you it shall be well even when nothing seems to work. This is something you get with criminal lawyers; however, don’t confuse them for therapists. Once they have you as their client, it’s their responsibility to trust you and listen to your side of the story. In return, they will help you relax, believing that you still have a chance for freedom.

4. Assistance in the police interview

During an interrogation with police, you are likely to say the wrong things or even admit committing a crime. The police force can be authoritative, and they are likely to challenge you into accepting something thinking you will get free. With a criminal lawyer by your side, they will remind you of your rights while answering questions and keeping the police from bombarding you with extraneous questions.


These are simply some instances when you will need a criminal lawyer. In case you are facing charges that might drag you to jail, or lose your job in New York, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit us. Our legal team will take you through various steps to ensure you understand the ins and outs of your case for better presentation.