African Elephant Calf Dashes Into River To Save Man from Drowning

Watch as an African elephant calf rescues a man from a river. She runs into the water and scoops the man up with her trunk to save him.

Co-founder Darrick Thompson was taking a relaxing swim when one of the new additions to the sanctuary thought he needed rescuing.

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Watch the African elephant calf called Kham Lha become a hero in the video below.

Kham Lha is around 5 years old and was rescued along with her mother from a circus back in 2015. They are currently resident at the Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai in Thailand.

At this sanctuary the elephants are left in peace and have the freedom to roam anywhere in the park. There are currently seventy elephants living here with many being old, blind and lamed.

Kham Lha had severe mental trama after she was rescued. Darrick spent many hours with her to comfort her and thus a loving bond grew between them. Now when ever Kham Lha thinks her rescuer is in trouble she comes to his rescue.

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Bonus Elephant Facts

-Elephants are the only mammals that can not jump.

-An elephant’s brain is three to four times larger than a human’s which makes them very intelligent creatures.

-Elephant’s skin is an inch think.

-An elephant’s trunk is so sensitive it can sense the size, shape and temperature of an object.

-Elephants are able to cry, love to play, have incredible memories, and what most people don’t know is that they can laugh.

-By carefully positioning their feet, elephants can feel the vibrations through the ground and detect nearby movement.

-Elephants are very social animals. They often hug their trunks upon greeting each other.

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