Discover China`s Hidden secret – Maltese Tigers With Blue Fur

The Maltese tiger has been spotted in South China over the years with it`s striking blue fur but many people believe that the claims are false. What do you think?

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This rare cat is supposedly roaming the forests of Fujian and has developed the same type of hype as the yeti and Locke Ness Monster. Many have claimed to see one but nobody has any evidence to back it up.

However, once upon a time China was home to thousands of tigers but unfortunately most were hunted down to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. So perhaps there may have once been tigers with blue fur roaming the wild but they could have been hunted to near extinction.

This first reported sighting was back in 1910 by American missionary Harry R. Caldwell. Another was sighted in 1925 and many more explorers have come forward saying they have spotted a blue tiger.

The word Maltese actually means domestic cat with slate grey fur. There are many cats of this color in Malta which has led to this tiger with blue fur earning it`s name as the Maltese tiger.

Back in 1964 the Oklahoma Zoo claimed one of it`s resident tigers gave birth to a blue tiger but it`s mother ripped it to shreds. So once again no actual evidence was available.

Numerous bobcats with slightly blue fur have been found so a blue tiger can`t be 100% ruled out.

If there are in fact tigers out there with blue fur then it seems they prefer living in nearly impenetrable wilderness areas, far away from the danger of human contact and so maybe we should just leave them in peace.

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