ZZ Top I Gotsta Get Paid

It’s been a while since the band ZZ Top have released a record and here they are back on form with their latest song – ZZ Top I Gotsta Get Paid Music Video

ZZ Top really had good driving songs back in the old days but this new “I Gotsta Get Paid” one is rockin’ and the music video has 4 awesome rat rods and 3 sexy girls!

Each girl from the ZZ Top I Gotsta Get Paid Music Video, had her own rat rod and their mission was to try and catch ZZ Top in a car chase across the desert. Unfortunately for those sexy girls ZZ Top managed to get away in his hot rod and the girls just end up with a ZZ Top key chain!

Great song, great video but seriously if you had three gorgeous hot girls chasing you, would you really run away? I think not!

The auto industry has different branches and the rat rod branch is a small one but it has loyal and enthusiastic clients and that’s why ZZ Top with his new car song is kind of making a car commercial for those rat rod fans.

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