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Everyone knows that there are some workplaces that can pose certain risks for the people who work there, but we still choose to work in these environments simply because we believe that we are adequately protected.

Our employers should take the proper measures to ensure our health and safety while we are in the workplace, and it is their duty, in fact. If you are ever involved in an accident at the workplace, your employer should also report the incident or accident and settle your sick pay when needed. But what else can you expect if you have to deal with an accident at work? Here’s your essential guide to dealing with an accident at work: the top things you should do.

Make sure your employer reports it

Your employer is under obligation to report any serious or severe accident at work to the Health and Safety department of your council or authority. If there is a fatality, your employer should report it, and the same is true if there are any major or significant injuries such as broken ribs or arms and if there are any dangerous incidents such as individuals harmed by gas or the collapse of a wall or scaffolding. Employers should also report an injury that has stopped an employee from working for more than three consecutive days. The report should be submitted by your employer, but if you are the one who has suffered the injury or accident, it would be good to make sure that they have already reported it as well.

The importance of the accident book

Any workplace injury, no matter how minor, should also be recorded in the accident book of your employer. All UK employers should have an accident book unless the company is very small. The accident book is for your benefit as an employee because

it can provide a good record of any incident or accident in case you need to take time off from your work or are thinking of claiming compensation in the future.

The basics on sick pay

In almost all cases, if you need to be absent from work because of an accident in the workplace, you will have the right to SSP or Statutory Sick Pay. It is important to note that your employer may already have a set scheme to pay more for worker absence due to accidents, or they may also decide to provide you with extra pay depending on the type of incident that has occurred.

Making a claim

If you have had an injury at work and you believe that your accident is the fault of your employer, you may consider making a compensation claim. Keep in mind, however, that any claim you make must be within three years of the accident. You would also need the representation of a lawyer, and make sure the solicitor you choose is well-versed in workplace compensation claims, such as the lawyers from

Employers in the UK are insured under the law, and this can help you have a successful compensation claim. In fact, they should display a certificate with the name of their insurance company in your workplace or premises. If they don’t, ask them for the details of their insurance company as well.