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Whether you’re excited about the idea of having a clean and well-tended yard or you’re in the gardening business, there’s no denying that having the right tools is the key to success.

Not only do specialized tools enable you to work faster but also ensure that work efficiency and execution are top-notch. This is especially so when it comes to waste disposal and management; getting rid of large fallen branches, for example, can be a rather tedious and time-consuming task if you don’t have the right tools. Moreover, the job is likely not going to be well executed without efficient equipment.

One such task that is better executed with the help of a machine is wood chipping. Apart from getting rid of unwanted tree limbs, wood chips have tons of uses and can benefit farmers in countless ways. Wood chips can be used as an organic mulch in gardening, landscaping, and mushroom cultivation; they can also be used as biomass and is an essential raw material for creating wood pulp. Still, in order to get the best results when wood chipping, a capable wood chipper should be used to get the job done. One machine that is definitely ready for this tedious task is the Yardbeast 6525 commercial-grade wood chipper.

This amazing piece of machinery is ready for whichever challenge that’s thrown its way. Packed with some of the greatest specs for any machine of its type, the Yardbeast 6525 is definitely the right tool for all your wood chipping needs. To help you get a perspective of how efficient this machine is, here are some of its greatest features.

Plenty of Power
The Yardbeast 6525 is a powerhouse indeed, packed with an impressive 747cc commercial-grade engine that produces about 25 horsepower. The Kohler CH 742 engine is more than capable of working for more than 10 hours non-stop. It also has many performance-enhancing features such as a heavy-duty air filtration system that ensures maximum power is attained at any particular moment. It also protects the engine when working in rough and dirty conditions.

Powerful Rotation Blades
Another amazing feature of the Yardbeast 6525 is the amazing rotation blades that the machine has. The 6525 has honed A8 steel blades that can go through any branch with incredible ease. The blade is capable of as much as 4,600 cuts per minute and is placed at an angle for self-feeding and efficiency purposes.

Large Fuel Tank
With such powerful specs, the Yardbeast 6525 also requires lots of fuel for it to function at its optimum performance. Fortunately, this impressive machine comes with a massive 5-gallon fuel tank that enables you to make the most out of the machine between each refueling trip. What’s more, the fuel tank of this incredible piece of machinery is fitted with a CARB compliant gas carbon filter which ensures that emissions are kept at a minimum during use. Therefore, you can comfortably use the Yardbeast 6525 without having to worry about doing considerable damage to the environment.

One other vital feature of this machine is the fact that it’s fitted with all the necessary requirements to be towed, even on highways. The Yardbeast 6525 has a two-inch ball receiver and a 1,000-pound trailer assist jack with a caster wheel for maximum stability. On top of that, the machine has a set of large off-road wheels with excellent suspension for a great off and on-road experience. The Yardbeast 6525 is also DOT approved; thus, it can be towed on the highway without any problems.

Final Thoughts
The Yardbeast 6525 is truly an excellent machine that’s capable of handling any wood chipping tasks. If anyone is looking to get a heavy-duty wood chipper that can be taken anywhere with ease, then this machine is definitely for them.