What a perfect honeymoon getaway must include: two loving souls, romance, total relaxation, bikinis and those “please, do not disturb” sign on your hotel room’s door.

Now what it must not include: distracting third parties, machetes, freezing temperatures and some nasty details that can spoil you whole vacation. So, before booking the presidential suite and plane tickets, check out if the place you want to visit has accidentally happened in our list of the worst honeymoon destinations as the following locations might not be worth your annual salary.

Papua New Guinea

The mountainous exotic landscape presenting almost 800 islands sounds tempting enough, yet one detail – Paupa New Guinea is still on the stage of developing itself, so proceed with great caution. Recently, the United States Department of State alerted tourists going there that “tension between local clans might lead to armed conflicts involving cold steel or firearms.”


Leaving on Monday, arriving back on Thursday. That statement has nothing to do with traveling to Kiribati atoll right in the middle of the Pacific. And here’s the explanation: after taking off from LAX, you need to survive 63 long hours in transit, including the transfers in Sydney and Fiji. Plus, the international flights serve this destination only twice a week! Plus, the one-way ticket for one person will cost almost $6,200. Still wanna go there?


The lack of the US Embassy in the country comes up with quite familiar threats of ending up kidnapped which is a frequent worry for the foreign travelers to Somalia. Think of it once more: local warlords are still fighting for the control of 18 Somalia provinces. No one would like to be involved in this showdown. In addition, shopping for souvenirs can be really tricky as there is no national currency there.

Kingston, Jamaica

There is always a ton of troubles in the Caribbean paradise, which sees the acts of gang violence on the daily basis, generally in poor districts of Kingston. That makes it the “no trespassing” tourist territory. Thus, armed security guards are common at most of Jamaican resorts what may feel more embarrassing than secure.

Casablanca, Morocco

Morocco’s largest city owns a reputation for being more contemporary and progressive than other major cities, but all the best just falls short when taking a glance at the city’s inside. Most lovers hope to wander Casablanca’s picturesque narrow streets and in final account are greatly disappointed by the small medina, aggressive pitchmen and really scanty number of attractions apart from Hassan II Mosque. So, Casablanca is the worst honeymoon destination simply because there’s absolutely nothing special about it.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Don’t get it wrong! Vegas is an ideal place…just to get married. The point is, there’s a really small chance your significant other will find all the casinos and posh hotels too romantic. So, Vegas makes a perfect party city. It can surely do awkwardly funny things to some people! But, unfortunately, it is among the worst honeymoon spots to spend some time away from curios glances.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In fact, it is actually not the country that is the worst honeymoon location to go to. Conversely, Argentina is one of the favorite places to visit for many romantic couples. Except that part when you will be walking along Buenos Aires streets and holding hands. So, as you will be making your way, you will start to realize there is something about the local people of Argentina – all of them are incredibly good-looking. Both men and women dressed spick and span. Everyone is extremely polite and friendly. And pretty sophisticated. And they are very good dancers. You know, your honeymoon trip there will be like taking your beloved partner to Temptation Island.

European bus tour

Well, this one’s kind of disputable. There’re many couples coming back from their European bus tours completely satisfied. On the other hand, some others are stunned by what they got themselves into and start wondering if that was really necessary for their relationship. So, in order to avoid the worst honeymoon stories of all you had to live through that bus tour, you’d better consider some other romantic destinations to visit.