Online casinos have surely revolutionized the gambling industry. Many casino players have switched to playing online while many people started gambling online.

Thanks to online casinos, gambling activities like casino gaming and sports betting are more accessible.

These days, it doesn’t matter where you are. There will always be an online casino ready to cater to your needs. If you’re from Canada then there are sites like 24K Casino Canada. If you’re from India, there are sites like 10CRIC. The US? You have plenty of onshore and offshore online casinos that can take your bets.

The bottom line is that there are always operators there for you, and it’s just really up to you to figure out what sort of games you should be playing. Now, if you want to play something close to playing at land casinos, you may want to consider playing live casino games.

What are Live Casino Games and How Do They Work?

Live casinos offer players a gaming experience close to what brick and mortar casinos can give. When you play a regular or traditional online casino game, you’re usually going against a computer or software. This isn’t the case with a live casino game because you get to play with a live dealer and other real people or players on the table too.

Many people prefer live casinos better because of the human aspect of it. These are people who are more trusting of other people than computers or software. Some simply enjoy being able to sit down with a live person while they play even if it’s on a screen.

This is why playing at live casinos is also a social activity. It’s not isolating since you get to interact with the dealer and the other players on the table if there are any.

If you’ve never tried playing a live casino game, you can think of it as a casino dealer on a gaming live stream. Yes, just like the ones you watch on platforms like Facebook Gaming and Twitch TV. However, there’s more to it than a dealer facing a camera and interacting with viewers.

Live casinos use a specialized software called Optical Character Recognition or OCR. This tracks the moves of the dealers and helps update the game details you see on your screen. An example is if a dealer starts a new round, they usually make a swipe gesture on the table. The software then recognizes that it is a new round.

It is noticeable that live casino dealers use cards that don’t look regular. Mainly, they only look different because of bigger numbers and symbols. However, these cards are also chipped and they always go through a scanner as soon as the dealer draws them from the deck.

They need to be scanned first to also update the game details on your screen in real-time. Both the software and the scanners they use for the cards are all part of the Gaming Control Unit. It is simply impossible for a live casino to be enjoyable without it.

Lastly, to make your gaming experience great, live casinos only use high-quality cameras. They also usually don’t use just one of them. A typical live casino setup has cameras focused on the dealer and the table, the dealer or the dealer’s hand, and the cards on the table.

They also don’t just set up any table as they use an actual casino table. The dealers have also dressed the way dealers in physical casinos are. Live casinos are also smart enough to only give their customers friendly and charming dealers. This is to the point that after you play, you’re probably going to want to tip them.

Why Play at a Live Casino?

Generally, a good reason to play a live casino game is for a realistic gaming experience. It’s also to not isolate yourself when playing online real money games at home. If you miss visiting physical casinos, then this is the game for you.

We all know that even if the pandemic is already starting to wane out, many still prefer to stay at home and avoid crowded places. This is a good reason to stick to live casinos now.

A trip to casino hotspots like Las Vegas and Atlantic City can easily get expensive. That said, playing at live casinos could be the cheaper alternative. No need to book a hotel and buy food and drinks at the casino. Lastly, no need to dress up so you can follow the dress code!