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People often turn to a fortune teller when they find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. Maybe they have an important decision to make, maybe things are difficult in their lives with relationships or work or maybe they are just curious or they may just see it as a bit of fun.

Whatever the reason for seeing a fortune teller, there are some things that are worth remembering after the consultation.

The first thing to know is that you should feel good after your consultation, you should be energised and perhaps even clearer in your own head about your way forward with your life. A good consultation will have pointed to things that may happen in the future, some of the information will have been quite specific in its detail and other parts of the information may have been more vague or lacking in detail and there may be another part of the consultation that you just didn’t seem to relate to at all.

Use your family and friends, ask them if they can help you with those aspects as some of the information may relate to them or relate to times in your life that you just can’t remember, maybe they can.

Any good fortune teller will tell you that your future is in your own hands. The predictions that they have given you are predictions in that moment with you the way you are in that moment behaving and thinking in a particular way. It is not unknown for predictions to change as the individual changes, thinks differently and perhaps has the confidence to move their life forward in a different direction, we are in control of our own destiny.

As we have mentioned, some of your predictions may have been vague to you, it is important that you keep an open mind and try not to make them fit in with what you want them to be or say. Do not live your life according to the predictions of that have been made, instead, use the renewed feeling of confidence to address the issues in your life that have been causing you difficulty.

Often from a reading comes a bit of insight into your personality and what drives you to make the choices that you do. Use those reflections to make positive changes in your life and try to use your own intuition rather than continually focusing on ideas which will constantly change.

If your fortune teller has made mention of others beware about what you tell them, after all, you are passing on your interpretation, out of the context of the conversation, that you have had with the medium. A much better idea may be to suggest that they have their own consultation. If you are hesitant about getting a paid reading, you can also try to consult some experts on free fortune telling.

Above all, reflect on the experience and take what you need to take from it and don’t be tempted to follow every step verbatim according to what you think the fortune teller meant.