The experience of shifting from one place to another, basically the shifting of residence, is of great excitement for people.

But at the same time, it is also required by the elder members of the family to plan and organise the entire program with good research, choosing the right company, perfect moving containers as per requirement is perhaps the most important task when it comes to planning.

The basic parameters that are needed to be maintained for hassle-free shift-ing from almost anyplace to any other place are—

1) Early rise:

In order to avoid unnecessary stress arising from last minute packing and other activities, waking up early in the morning is very important no matter at what time the moving operation is scheduled to start. One must always have enough time to devote for the final touch and the last minute hustle.

2) Last minute packing:

People always feel that since the packing is done from beforehand, there is no need of any last minute packing. But the reality is even if one packs every-thing up before the actual move, there will still be a few items left. It is advisa-ble to take care of the last minute packing after taking a shower. If anything is there which can melt or get spoilt during the duration of the move, then one must be prepared enough to dispose of it.

3) The final cleaning:

The final cleaning before the arrival of the movers is extremely important. This is because, this last session of cleaning might bring forth items that weren’t found previously, or didn’t seem to be important enough to be taken along. Areas like the basement, attic, driveway or the guest house might be scrutinised well in case the house is big.

4) Greeting the Movers:

Once the Professional Moving and Storage company arrive, it is very essential to give them a walkthrough of the house or apartment. Ideally speaking, the boxes should be clearly labelled. It is not at all a wise decision to assume that the movers will know how the owners want the process of loading to be. So it is always advisable to make things clear to them, no matter what reputation the shifting companies come from.

5) Supervising the Move:

Since the house, the boxes to be shifted belongs to none but the owner, he or she must stay around during the shifting process and direct the workmen wherever needed. However, moderating the process doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to give directions in the smallest of the small moves. This causes irritation to the workmen and their performance gets degraded.

6) Final Checking:

Once the loading part is completed, looking around the home once more is very essential to look for if anything is missed out. It’s recommended to hire a cleaning company to clean the garbage of the place. Finally, the door is locked perfectly before beginning the journey to the new home.

7) Directing the Movers:

On reaching the new place, the owners must direct the movers to safe un-loading and placement of the respective boxes with intense care in the re-quired places of the new house.

8) Provide tips to the movers:

Based on the service provided, the number of movers and of course consid-ering the overall budget, the owners are advised to provide some nominal tips to the workmen.


It is very essential to maintain a checklist of the activities to be conducted in order to ensure the smooth running of the shifting process. It paves the way to peaceful and regrets free stay of people in a new place.