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Donk Cars are also referred to as Hi-risers, Box cars or Bubble Cars and are basically a type of customized vehicle that has been significantly altered to increase ground clearance. This is usually achieved by installing extremely large-diameter wheels with low-profile tires.

Donk Cars originally grew from the South American culture and over the years has spread to the rest of the United States and other countries. Vehicles customized in the hi-riser style are distinguished by their over sized wheels, which are quite often between 22 to 30 inches and on some occasions even bigger. These Donk cars are usually fully customized with fanciful paint-jobs and expensive audio equipment too.

Suspension modifications similar to those employed on lifted pickup trucks are made to give adequate clearance for the large wheels. Often the suspension is modified so the front end sits slightly higher than the rear end, giving the car a swaggering appearance. Because of the exaggerated look gained from installing a lifted suspension and enormous wheels, donks are also known as “sky-scrapers.”

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Technical challenges

Raising a vehicle off of the ground by such a degree raises the center of gravity to a point where rolling the vehicle becomes a distinct possibility. The suspension modifications required are often meant for trucks and larger vehicles. If the vehicle’s brakes haven’t been upgraded to compensate for the significant increase in wheel diameter, its braking ability will be greatly diminished. In turning too fast, the weight of the vehicle may shift to extremes that were never considered for the vehicle in question, and may cause loss of traction or damage to the vehicle itself. If not done the right way by a skilled technician, a wheel could come off while driving, resulting in significant damage to anything it hits. If done properly, it should handle in a similar fashion to a lifted truck or SUV.


Check out the gallery below with pictures of Donk Cars.

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What is a Donk Car