A typical night out before the big day won’t cut it for your hen do, so don’t go there. A standard night on the town, as most brides and Maids of Honour (Mohs) know, is usually at the top of the list. How can you make a normal evening out into something more memorable?

If you’re still without enthusiasm for your wedding planning because it’s getting closer and you’re failing to feel inspired, we’ve put up a list of hens do themes for you. Each one is based on a different personality to ensure that the hen does activities you choose are appropriate for your personality.

For those hen parties that want to avoid the usual hen do activities, we also offer several options to keep you sober.

Before we get into the hen do themes and activities accessible, let’s first address the practical concerns. Who is ultimately responsible for paying for a hen do, for example? Let’s take a step back from credit cards and discover out.

Do hens pay for the bride?

According to legend, the hens are also responsible for paying for the hen night and the bride. The MoH is generally in charge of the kitty, which is a collection of money contributed by each hen to cover the costs of their big night out!

This makes paying throughout the night simpler – especially towards the end of the evening when purses and phones tend to go missing! How much money the hens decide to put into the kitty is determined naturally by the type of activities they wish to participate in, how long their hen do last, and how many hens attend.

A few rounds of drinks at your local pub with a few friends, for example, will not set you back nearly as much as a fancy dinner out followed by a bar crawl.

However, if you’ve planned a more elaborate weekend getaway anywhere in the world or closer to home, the hen party will generally only pay for one evening out rather than covering the bride’s entire travel expenses. While many hens are willing to buy a few cocktails for the bride, asking them to cover her transportation costs (as well as their own) is unlikely to go down well!

Hens don’t be afraid – you may always persuade the bride to chip in a little since she is often responsible for buying wedding presents for her bridesmaids. Are you on the lookout for the ideal pair of heels? It’s payback time!

What do you do at a hen do?

How to plan a hen party is the first thing that comes to mind for many people. The answer to this question varies considerably based on the bride’s personality as well as the hen party’s preferences. Hen dos were formerly (back in the 19th century) a chance for dancing and sipping tea.

These last-night-of-being-a-single celebrations for ladies are the ideal location for the bride to let her hair down and enjoy her final night as a single woman. These pre-wedding gatherings,

which frequently include enormous quantities of alcohol and even, on rare occasions, an exotic male dancer or two, can get rather rowdy and racy!

A contemporary hen party, however, does not always entail only drinking through odd straws. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the demands of every bride. Ceramic painting and crafting are just two activities that may help you relax. There’s no shortage of activities for a hen to do when you look out your window!

The MoH will usually organize the hen do with input and assistance from both the wedding party and the bride herself. Some hen parties, on the other hand, will keep the event a secret from the bride, so it’s up to your closest pals to choose a good theme. If you as the bride decide to cede total control of your hen party to your friends, you’d better cross your fingers and hope that they know you better than yourself!

The hen does themes for every type of bride

Don’t worry if you’re still undecided on what to do for a hen party. We’ve compiled a fantastic selection of hen do themes and activities that are appropriate for all types of brides.

To make the process of selecting a hen do theme easier (whether for your party or on behalf of the bride), we’ve compiled a selection of hen do activities based on the bride’s personality. Are you more traditional than contemporary? It doesn’t matter – we’ve got you covered!

The traditional bride

If you’ve always desired a conventional hen have a party that draws attention at every bar you visit, a classic bar crawl is a way to go. L-plates, pink sashes, personalized matching t-shirts, and lots of lip-pursing shots make these traditional hen parties dangerous but not lacking in amusing recollections!

The most essential rule when it comes to hen party bar crawls is to book ahead since not all bars will accept large or wild parties. Thankfully, the Bierkeller provides a variety of tempting shooters at affordable costs to ensure it is the final stop (bar excluding kebab shop) on your extravaganza. For a powerful and spicy shot, The Flatliner – is a fiery combination of white sambuca, hot sauce and tequila. Why not try Oil Slick for something a little cooler? It’s made up of equal parts of white sambuca, blue curacao, and Jägermeister.

Finally, one last piece of advice for successfully organizing a typical hen do. Before you go to bed, drink plenty of water!

A spa day or even a whole weekend to fully revitalize is the best way to feel refreshed than worn-out after your hen do. That’s right; the entire bridal party may focus on fending off those pre-wedding worries and strains once you’ve chosen the appropriate spa getaway based on location and their range of treatments. Whether you’re the MoH in need of an expert deep tissue massage or the bride herself searching for some pampering, a heavenly spa day simply can’t compare to an at-home face mask.

Chilled-out brides may prefer to go with the flow rather than galivanting around, but they frequently enjoy being in the moment and making an evening of drinks followed by a spa session their ideal hen do a combination. As a result, many relaxing brides find our fun games packages enticing as well – score!

The shopaholic bride

When the bride is well-known for her amazing fashion sense or enthusiasm for homeware and can’t resist going to her favourite designer store, a shopping-themed hen do is an easy choice. To begin this shopping-themed party, there’s no better place to start than with a bottomless brunch. It provides the ideal opportunity to talk about the various stores you want to visit while also getting a little tipsy!

After you’ve had your fill of limitless cosmos, it’s time to go shopping for that perfect party-starting clothing for the night ahead. Combine it with your favourite pair of killer heels and you’re ready to have a great evening out visiting your local Bierkeller before heading off on your honeymoon.

The booze-fuelled bride

A bride who is guided by alcohol, on the other hand, is more concerned with drinks than at a typical wedding. She may keep or toss the L-plates and sashes; she’s here for the booze and doesn’t give a damn whether anybody knows it! So, let’s make a Heineken-themed hen do of her dreams!

What better way to get ready for a day of drinking than with a brewery or winery tour to begin? These guided excursions generally cover the brewing process and are frequently followed by a delectable beer or wine tasting session at the conclusion – delightful!

It’s also a good idea to stuff your tummy before you start drinking, so that the rest of the party may continue to enjoy themselves freely for hours. Furthermore, why not combine drinking, dining, and entertainment by reserving a table at the Bierkeller?

The Bierkeller is your one-stop-shop for all things wonderful, including original German brews and sakes. With our rip-roaring Oompah shows, we cater to both hen parties and stag parties at the Bierkeller, where the fun will flow freely.

Bring on The Bierkeller

Fortunately, we’ve established four Bierkeller bars inspired by Bavaria throughout the United Kingdom to ensure you’re never too far from one of our unmissable knees-up activities. Along with our popular Oompah shows, our venues include an assortment of high-definition TV screens and a variety of bars serving delectable Bavarian cuisine and beverages.

If you’re looking for a great place to host your hen do, consider our Birmingham or Nottingham venue. With English pool tables, dart lanes, and enormous super screens, our Nottingham location is a sports enthusiast’s paradise, while the Birmingham bolt hole offers comparable advantages.

Alternatively, if you live in one of these colourful cities or are arranging your hen party there, we have a conveniently located Manchester venue with a beautiful Liverpool Bierkeller that has a big Biergarten with views of the city’s famous Albert Docks! You’ll still get excellent customer care regardless of where you decide.

Our Bierkeller venues are ideal for all kinds of brides, whether as an all-evening venue or a rest stop (even the shopaholic bride needs a beverage break!). We can’t wait to hear from you with our wide range of affordable hen party packages and game deals that cater to both large hen parties and more intimate pre-wedding parties.

We’ve seen our fair share of raucous hens, a little lewd language, and hilarious group outfits after welcoming countless hen parties through our doors. Is the Bierkeller booked on her behalf by the bride? We’ll make sure she doesn’t forget her final blast as a single woman.

Look to the Bierkeller to plan your hen do for a high-spirited evening of fun, dancing, and unforgettable experiences.