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Twitter Monitoring - The Most Retweeted Photo Ever

Through Twitter monitoring we have the most retweeted image ever check out this great shop of all your favorite celebrities together in one great shot!

Step aside Barack Obama. Before last night’s Academy Awards group shot above, this tweet by Barack Obama (6 Nov 2012) was the most retweeted photo of all time with 781,514 retweets.

That record was completely obliterated last night when Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres took the snap above (actually it was Bradley Cooper who took it) and shared it on Twitter. As of this posting, the photo has been retweeted 2,939,373 times. The viral image even briefly crashed Twitter as it spread through the network at breakneck speeds.

For those curious, the following people (from left) are in the photo: Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o and her brother and Angelina Jolie (with hand in front of face). The cut-off person far left? Jared Leto.

Photograph via Ellen DeGeneres (taken by Bradley Cooper)

Twitter Monitoring – The Most Retweeted Photo Ever

Twitter Monitoring
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Twitter Monitoring
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