Check out this video review of a turbo exhaust whistle. It is tested on both a Smart Forfour and a Porsche Boxster s and the results are pretty disappointing.

The turbo exhaust whistle is a little device that sits inside your car’s exhaust and is supposed to change the exhaust sound to make it sound like the engine has a turbo. But does it really work?

If you fancy giving one of these turbo exhaust whistles a try on your own car then you can purchase them on Amazon using the links below.

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The turbo exhaust whistle is very easy to install, you just place it in the exhaust tip and use the clamp to secure the exhaust whistle in the desired place. The turbo exhaust whistle is available to buy on eBay and Amazon but after watching this video review of the turbo exhaust whistle we are pretty sure you wont want to buy one.