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Many people confuse tree lopping services with tree pruning and whilst they both refer to trimming trees, there is a distinct difference between them.

Tree lopping is basically used to cut down the size of your trees, whilst tree pruning is performed to keep your trees healthy. These services should be performed by a qualified arborist, otherwise you can damage your trees, making them unsafe and causing long term problems.

No experienced arborist will offer tree lopping services indiscriminately, instead they will use their knowledge and expertise to offer tree pruning services that will maintain the health of your trees.

Tree pruning is generally the preferred option of caring for your tree. Aborists in Australia must conform to the Australian Standard AS4373-2007. All professional arborists will adhere to these standards, ensuring that your trees continue to grow healthy for many years into the future.

Why are Tree Lopping Services not as popular?

Many homeowners have large trees in their garden that have become very big and they are concerned that these trees may pose a safety risk. Lopping trees however, is not a healthy way to address these problems, and can have the opposite result, creating even more problems in the future.

This is because tree lopping services involve removing at least 50% and sometimes even 100% of the foliage from the crown of the trees. This type of severe damage puts the trees into survival mode and they grow as many buds as possible to replace this foliage. If they can’t do this fast enough, the trees will be left weakened and stressed, and can quite possibly die.

Trees have a natural way to heal their wounds, so if a tree is pruned at the correct spot, it can usually heal itself and remain healthy. Indiscriminate lopping of many branches can prevent the trees healing themselves, increasing their stress and resulting in decay that allows insects and disease to enter and further damage the trees.

Why are tree pruning services good practice?

You may consider it to be just semantics, but tree pruning is a more acceptable practice. It all comes down to the reasons why you want the branches cut and how this is achieved. As outlined above, tree lopping is indiscriminate and doesn’t consider the health of the trees, whilst tree pruning has the health of the tree as its main focus. Qualified arborists understand that the health of a tree often depends on correct pruning, which should be performed with a specific purpose in mind and in accordance with Australian Standards.

Professional tree pruning promotes the health of your trees, enhances their natural shape, removes excess weight from the tree, allows more light to filter through its branches, controls disease and increases safety. If you want to keep your trees healthy and safe on your property, then request tree pruning, rather than tree lopping services from your local arborist.