Learn some useful travel advice tips from the most frequent flyers, you may be surprised how easy it is to make your journey more comfortable.

1. Take A Neck Cushion


One of the best travel advice tips on our list is to take with you a neck cushion. There are many different types available on the market which could make it much easier to get comfortable and sleep.

There are even neck cushions for sale which gives you a relaxing massage.

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2. Carry Decent Headphones


Taking a decent pair of headphones on board with you not only improves the quality of the airline entertainment system but can also drown out the annoying engine hum and noisy passengers.

Another option is to carry a pair of earplugs with you.

3. Search About Your Plane Seat


If you are planning a long haul flight then before you select your seat you should visit the site seatguru.com and find what other travel advice passengers give about the seats.

You never know you could be booking a bad seat and not even realize.

4. Alcohol Has A Bigger Kick In The Air


You probably don’t notice but because of the altitude and pressure there is less Oxygen in a plane and this means that alcohol has a much bigger impact on your body.

One beer on a plane is the equivalent of drinking three on the ground. So take it easy, especially if you have a hire car waiting for you when you land.

5. Choose An Airline And Stick To It


If you continue to use the same airline you have the chance to get certain perks as well as miles. For example I use the airline Latam several times a year and as a thank you they now give my luggage priority so it is one of the first cases of the plane.

6. Opt For An Aisle Seat If You Have A Small Bladder


Whether you are the person who keeps having to move to let somebody pass or the person who has to disturb the passenger next to you it can be annoying and uncomfortable. Especially if you are trying to sleep.

So if you suffer with a small bladder and need to relieve yourself regularly then do everybody a favor and pick an aisle seat so you can get up and go with out disturbing anybody. Well, anybody except for the guy or girl who didn’t read tip 3 and picked the seat next to the toilet.

7. Carry An Empty Water Bottle Through Airport Security to Fill Up Before You Board


You may not be allowed to take water through security but there is nothing stopping you taking an empty bottle. As soon as you go through fill it up from one of the drinking water fountains dotted around the airport, it can save you money on expensive airport and plane prices.

8. Wear Slip On Shoes


Wearing slip on shoes can save you time at airport security and also makes it much easier if you want to let your feet breathe during the flight.

9. Travel Advice For those Who Fear Turbulence


If you’re terrified of turbulence, don’t grab on to the armrests. It’ll feel worse than it actually is. Instead, put your arms right on your lap or cross your arms over your chest. When you put your arm’s on the armrest during turbulence, you’re connecting your body to the structure of the airplane thus feeling the turbulence more.

Also choosing a seat on the wing can help minimize feeling the effects of turbulence.

10. Be Friendly To The Stewardess


It doesn’t hurt to swap a few friendly words with the members of the cabin crew. You don’t have to be a lick ass just be nice and respectful and they will treat you well.

It also applies at the gate. Whatever happens, try not to get upset. Planes get delayed all the time, your anger will hurt you and no one else and so try not to loose your temper with the company reps.

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