If you are a cannabis consumer, you likely have a favorite way or ways of consuming the plant, but now you might be looking at other ways to enjoy cannabis.

Below we look at a few different ways that you can take advantage of the flower power.

Smoke It Up

Smoking cannabis is still likely the most common way of consuming it and there are all sorts of ways you can do it including rolling and smoking joints or blunts (rolled using a tobacco wrap), packing a bowl in a bong and inhaling the water filtered smoke, loading a pipe’s bowl and smoking it that way, and there are other non-traditional ways to smoke cannabis as well such as dabbing, for example.

Capsules or Pills

THC capsules or pills are an oil product and are increasingly becoming a popular way of ingesting marijuana. They offer a good way to consume THC without having to smoke it – and this method is popular for those who have respiratory issues. They are good as you know how much THC is in each capsule or pill, they are discreet to move around with, and the buzz lasts longer than when smoking cannabis, for example.


This form of consuming cannabis involves eating any kind of food that contains THC. Pot brownies have been popular for a long time but now you can find pretty much any kind of food on earth that can be infused with cannabis including cookies, hard and soft candies, and even pizza. The high from eating edibles is considered the most intense of any of the ways to consume, but it can take one to two hours before the edible works its magic. Edibles can also have a very low to no THC in them and consist solely of CBD – the medicinal attribute that’s readily found in cannabis.

Vape It

This method is exploding in popularity and it’s leading to a huge vape product market that is really taking off. Vaping efficiently heats up cannabis so that it doesn’t combust as it does with smoking – but rather, it heats it so that it effectively extracts the THC and leaves out most of the plant toxins. Vaping provides a convenient way to consume cannabis, the vapor smell is very light to the nose, and it’s considered to be healthier than smoking it for the reason mentioned above.


Provides a fast-acting dose of cannabinoids by being delivered orally, typically sublingually, and these spray substances contain either oil or alcohol. Come in a variety of flavors and offer different ratios of THC and CBD depending on how a person prefers to use cannabis – either recreationally or medicinally.


Cannabis drinks are still relatively in their infancy but with major drink and alcohol companies making major investments into the market, we can expect a lot of growth over the next 5 years or so. Everything from sodas to juices to cocktails to teas is common cannabis drinks.

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