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See our top 10 superfoods for natural weight loss and healthier living using the Proven weight loss supplement in your daily routine.

Did you wake up one morning and find that you couldn’t button your favorite jeans anymore? Has extra weight crept up on you so slowly that you didn’t realize it until you saw a photo of your former, slimmer self? If you abhor dieting, like most of us do, and don’t have time to get to the gym every other day, a few selected food choices could help move your scale in the right direction and you’ll hardly break a sweat.

Certain foods can help you slim down as part of a natural weight loss program or maintain your weight while also packing your body with nutrients that aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and preventing conditions such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and dementia.

natural weight loss

Weight Loss Foods

Natural Weight Loss

Soy Protein

Protein is at the top of the list of foods that require more effort to digest. Regular consumption of soy protein will help your system digest proteins more effectively and promote weight loss. Soy protein also fuels your muscles to help you burn fat faster while toning your body up and giving you a more contoured physique. If you are serious about weight loss, the most important addition to your diet plan should be soy protein.

Natural Weight Loss

Brown Rice

Instead of eating polished white rice, opt for brown rice. Brown rice is low in calories and high in fiber content to keep you feeling full for longer time so you’ll eat less throughout the day. As little as one-half cup of brown rice provides healthy carbohydrates that boost metabolism and burn fat. Also, brown rice is one of the best sources of vitamins B and E, magnesium and iron which help regulate bowels, hunger and metabolism. Finally, it will reduce your risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol levels, blood pressure and the potential for blood clots to form.

Natural Weight Loss


Studies have shown that eating half a grapefruit before each meal will help you shed extra pounds. Some believe the vitamin C present in grapefruit leads to weight loss, while others say the fruit naturally boosts metabolism. Tangy fruit like grapefruit also can lower insulin, a fat-storage hormone, and has very few calories. Grapefruit is also a good source of protein, is high in fiber and contains about 90% water. This helps fill you up so you eat less. Try eating half a grapefruit before breakfast and the other half before lunch to lose weight quickly.

Natural Weight Loss

Green Tea

There are many health benefits to be gained from drinking green tea instead of sweetened coffee or other beverages. First and most important, green tea can help bolster your metabolism and reduce your appetite. The caffeine in green tea helps the heart function properly and its antioxidants will increase the rate at which you burn fat and calories. For optimum health benefits, drink two cups of freshly brewed tea or concentrated green tea drinks each day.

Natural Weight Loss


Cold-water fish like salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may boost your body’s metabolism and help you burn fat faster. Omega-3 fatty acids also will improve your heart health, reduce depression, and prevent arthritis. Salmon and other cold-water fish are leaner than red meat, so you’ll take in less fat content. Try to eat two to three servings of salmon per week. You can try grilled or baked salmon dishes.

Natural Weight Loss


To lose weight, eggs are good choice for the meal to start your day. Studies suggest that eggs contain an ingredient that can help cut down calories consumed during a meal. The protein in eggs will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time reducing the urge to eat frequently. Eggs are also preferred over a bagel breakfast to help keep your cholesterol at healthy levels. You can mix it up from day to day by boiling, scrambling, baking or frying your eggs.

Natural Weight Loss

Dark Chocolate

Many chocolate treats contribute to weight gain. But dark chocolate can actually help you lose weight. Dark chocolate with a high quantity of cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants that help in slimming down. A nibble of dark chocolate here and there also can slow down digestion so you feel full longer and eat less at your next meal. Studies also show that regular consumption of dark chocolate can revive your metabolism to burn more fat and calories.

Natural Weight Loss


Many varieties of beans can promote weight loss. For example, a cup of black beans contains a healthy amount of protein and fiber without any saturated fat often found in other protein sources, like red meat. Similarly, a cup of white beans contains fiber and healthy carbohydrates that boost metabolism and burn fat.

Natural Weight Loss


A wide variety of fruits, especially small berries, contain a large number of antioxidants and soluble fiber to aid in digestion. Also berries contain ample amounts of fiber that produce a feeling of fullness so you’ll stay satisfied longer, while improving digestion. Eating berries such as blueberries, blackberries and cranberries also promotes heart health and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes, you can visit this site to get all the details.

Natural Weight Loss


Last, but certainly not the least, is the well-known superfood – oranges. The fruit aids weight loss due to its large amount of fiber and vitamin C that boost metabolism. A single orange provides the full recommended daily amount of fiber. One glass of fresh orange juice in morning can make you feel full and help you eat less throughout the day.

In addition to including these superfoods in your diet, remember to drink eight to ten glasses of water daily when trying to lose weight as part of your natural weight loss program. If for no reason these natural remedies won’t work for you, try some supplements that are available at Elm and Rye, while reading some of its posts about getting slim and other health-related articles.

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