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Most of us want to be able to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle and enjoy earning more money. However, in order to do this you either need to come into an inheritance or improve your career prospects. Obviously, the latter is the one that you have control over! If you are looking to further your career and boost your financial future, there are various ways in which you can do this.

One thing you need to do when planning your career development is decide whether you want to continue working in the area you are in at the moment or move into a different industry. This will then determine the best route you should take based on whether you are already employed and happy within that type of work or not. In addition, you need to look at factors such as your past history, as companies will carry out a criminal records search for certain roles and if you have relevant convictions this could put you out of the running.

Once you have looked at these factors, you can then decide on the best way to try and further your career. So, let’s take a look at the options that are available:

For those currently working

If you are currently in a job and you want to stay within that industry, you can try and get promotion from within. Now, there are various ways in which you can do this although this will depend partly on your employer. Some employers are happy to encourage career progression amongst employees and this makes life easier for you. You can speak to your employer about being put on training courses and college courses that will help you to progress within the company. You can also request to shadow other staff members, teams, and even management so that you can learn more about what they do and get some experience for yourself. This will look great for you in the event a more senior opening does come up, as you can put all of the training and experience you have gained from shadowing on your application.

If you are out of work or want to move on

If you are currently not working or you want to move into a different area of work, the best route to take is an online course in a subject that is relevant. You need to decide what type of work you want to move into so that you can choose the most relevant course. If you are already working, you do a night school course or do a course online depending on your preferences. If you are not working, you could consider a full-time course if you want to. In addition, for those not working – and even those that are – getting some voluntary work experience in the area of your choice can prove hugely useful. Many charities and voluntary organizations are eager for help and this also provides you with a great way to learn.