Are you looking to get rid of your car? If so, you should consider junking it. Read on to learn the top benefits of junking a car.

Did you know most cars are worth less than 40% of its original price after 5 years? This means that after ten years the value is way less. And if it’s no longer road-worthy, Junk Car Medics says it’s what you would call an end-of-life vehicle, which is only good for scrapping..

Have you been considering getting rid of your car? If so, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of junking a car.

The Benefits of Junking a Car

You might be contemplating on selling your car or maybe even trading it in for whatever pennies the dealer gives you (if they even want your car). Learning how to get rid of a car by junking it will make the task less stressful.

As the saying goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. This can be applied to cars as well.

Goodbye Car Problems

If your car has been spending more time at the mechanic then junking your car will solve this headache. Instead of dealing with random breakdowns, funny noises, and issues you can say goodbye to all of the above.

Most of us have enough problems to deal with every day – why add more stress? As soon as you start to notice big repairs needed and the costs to fix your car are way more than you feel they’re worth it’s time to junk your car.

Maybe your car is a problem because you were in a wreck and now your car is useless. Thankfully some companies will still give you cash for a car that has been in a wreck. This will be another car problem you can save goodbye to.

Fast Cash

The same day that you junk your car they will give you money. Some places will even give you the option of doing a direct deposit straight into your bank account. All you need to do is make a phone call or make an appointment online and get a free estimate. If you agree to the estimate you will schedule the best time to pick up your car and make sure you are there.

All you will need the day of is the title of the vehicle with your name on it. Keep in mind not every junking service will need a title. Make sure to ask if you will need this or not so that you can be prepared the day of.

If you do not have the title because a relative left you their old vehicle when they passed, you can find a place that will pick it up. Do your homework and make sure to ask this question in the initial conversation before receiving an estimate.

This cash you can use as a down payment for your next car or decide that you don’t really need a car to get around.

Free Towing

If your car isn’t driveable and it’s only sitting there getting older by the hour then why not opt-in for a free tow? Instead of you paying to have it towed somewhere like a dealer to see if someone will accept it as a trade-in, junking it will get it towed for free.

Even better you can rest assured that the tow service that comes to pick up your car has their license, bonding, and insurance in place. This is part of selling your junk car which means you won’t have an unexpected or surprise bill the day of selling your vehicle.

Reduce Expenses

Anything you’re paying for insurance, registrations, gas, or repairs you can say goodbye to when you junk your car. If you no longer want the vehicle why pay for all these extras?

If it’s not driveable – why spend money every year on updating the registration? It doesn’t make sense to throw money away for no reason. Instead, you can reduce your expenses by junking the car and enjoy extra cash that you were spending for no reason.

Extra Space

After a while of a junk car sitting around you will more than likely get used to seeing it there. You might not even notice how much space it is taking up. It might be taking up valuable real estate that you can put to good use.

If it’s sitting in your garage you can make plenty of room by taking out a car that you’re not using. Instead of it taking room in your garage, you can junk it and make room for a new car. You can also use the new space for a mini gym or for an office.

Less Stress

When we say less stress we mean less stress than dealing with potential buyers. If you have ever sold a car in the past you know first hand the experience you go through setting appointments and dealing with potential buyers.

Not only can it be stressful especially if multiple potential buyers keep saying no but it is also time-consuming. You might find yourself wasting hours upon hours of time you could have invested into something more productive.

Ready to Junk Your Car?

Now that you have learned the top benefits of junking a car are you ready to part ways with your vehicle? If it’s only sitting around not being of much use then this might be the best route for you to take.

Dealing with a company that specializes in junking cars will make you wonder why you didn’t part ways sooner.

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