We’ve never needed Netflix more than we have during the past twelve months. You don’t need us to tell you why – we suspect you already know that.

We’ve been stuck at home more than ever before, and so we’ve needed access to fantastic television shows and movies more than ever before. The problem with that is we’ve now seen everything. Even with all of its resources, there’s only so much new content Netflix can generate, and once it’s done, you’re forced to look elsewhere in search of things to entertain you.

Fortunately, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Netflix alternatives. The streaming wars have exploded into full swing during the past couple of years in the same way that the battle between online slots websites exploded a few years before that. Once upon a time, there were only five or six high-profile slots IE websites available, and all the best games were split between them. Nowadays, there are quite literally hundreds of them, and you have to roam between them to find the best online slots. That can make things a little confusing and time-consuming, but there are websites available that can walk you through the differences between various online slots websites. We aim to provide the same service for you here by letting you know what’s out there for TV and movie fans.

From well-known rivals to relatively new start-ups, here are the best Netflix alternatives you can sign up for right now.

Disney Plus

Nobody – probably not even Disney itself – expected Disney Plus to become such a monumental success within the first year of its launch. They wanted to reach sixty million subscribers by the end of 2024. They’ve already made it past seventy million. From access to Disney’s entire back catalog of movies to brand-new Marvel-themed mini-series, they’re breaking new ground in the streaming wars with shows like “WandaVision” and “The Mandalorian.” A Disney Plus subscription is a must for any TV fan.

Amazon Prime

We’ll take care of the other obvious option straight away, too. Amazon Prime hasn’t yet dethroned Netflix as the world’s favorite streaming service, but it’s making up ground rapidly. A blend of great original content and classic films combined with its ability to “plug in” to so many other services and bring you even more content (for a fee, of course) makes Amazon Prime a giant of the streaming world. Its plethora of live sports doesn’t hurt either.


Hulu’s service is more engineered toward people who love classic TV than people who want brand new content, but that might be changing. Great shows like “Seinfeld” are available to be streamed in full, but Hulu also pays for popular new shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Just because you didn’t first see it on Hulu doesn’t mean it wasn’t a Hulu creation! Hulu also tends to get shows after they’ve been shown on television faster than Netflix does, so you’re not waiting around as long for things you might have missed.

Paramount Plus

This is the service that was once known as CBS All Access, but it’s grown since stamping the Paramount logo on itself. Paramount Plus is a must-have if you’re a “Star Trek” fan because this is where all of the many new “Star Trek” shows go, but there’s more here than just great science fiction. As a rule of thumb, if it’s been shown on a Viacom station, it’s available to stream on Paramount Plus. More and more live sports are finding their way here, too.

Acorn TV

This is a goldmine for any Americans who have a taste for British television shows. “Line of Duty,” for example, has probably been the best cop show on television for the past five years, but you wouldn’t know that unless you live in the UK – or you have Acorn TV. Most of its shows are dramas or murder mysteries but let’s be honest here – who doesn’t like murder mysteries?


One day soon, there will be a subscription or streaming version of every major television network. Here’s HBO’s. Plenty of Warner Bros’ library is available for immediate streaming on HBO Max along with recent TV hits like “Game of Thrones” and “Chernobyl,” and a sprinkling of great British television shows like “Doctor Who.” It has everything you’ll find on HBO – and quite a lot that you won’t.


NBCUniversal’s streaming service is known as “Peacock” in honor of the company’s logo. If you know what NBCUniversal’s output is, then you’ll already know what to expect from it. The biggest recent news in Peacock’s world is that it’s acquired the entire WWE Network at a cost of several billion dollars. If you’re a pro wrestling fan, you can barely afford to live without it, so it already has its own niche, and it’s growing from there.


How does paying nothing for a streaming service grab you as an idea? If the answer to that question is “very well,” look no further than Crackle. You’ll have to put up with a few adverts (because how else would the platform pay for itself?), but in return, you have access to well over one hundred movies and just under one hundred great television shows. That ought to keep you going for a while.


BritBox offers almost everything that Acorn TV does and then some. Virtually the entire archive of the UK’s BBC is available on Britbox along with the best of TV and C4. Basically, if a show has been a big hit in the UK, you’ll find it in BritBox. We recommend you start with Idris Elba’s “Luther” and work your way through the collection from there. Be warned – you might get addicted to British soap operas. Don’t blame us if it happens.

Apple TV Plus

Apple’s television network hasn’t quite found its feet yet. We’re confident it will, though, because this is Apple, and they’ll just continue to throw money at it until something good happens. New programs are being added on a “slow and steady” basis, and while Apple hasn’t yet had the smash hit “must-see” show it’s been hoping for, it will strike gold eventually.

That’s our list of ten, and between them all, you can access thousands of TV shows and films – many of which you may never have seen or heard of before. If there isn’t something for you in this enormous combined collection, perhaps you don’t really like television shows or films at all!