Teapot Billboard Ad Looks More Like A Caricature Of Hitler

Social media sites have been going crazy over a Teapot Billboard advert saying it looks more like a caricature Of Hitler.

The advert in question is posted on a JC Penney billboard in Culver City, Calif and the retailer has been asked to take down the ad as the German dictator image is offensive.

Viewers argued that the teapot looked almost like a minimalist caricature of the late German dictator, who masterminded the Holocaust and whose aggressive annexations of other countries led to World War II.

The teapot’s rounded handle swoops down to the right, much like the despot’s hairstyle. A little knob atop the lid looks a little bit like his signature mustache.

A thin, vertical reflection in the metal of the pot falls right about where a necktie would hang. The teapot’s spout juts out like a Nazi salute.

Teapot Billboard Ad Looks More Like A Caricature Of Hitler 1

JC Penney has responded to angry, offended and amused Twitter users.

“Certainly not intentional,” the company tweeted. “We would have gone with something cute. Think ‘puppy dog’, not dictator.”

The company then posted a photograph of another teapot, saying, “If we’d designed the kettle to look like something, we would’ve gone (with) this.”

The new teapot was sculpted in the likeness of a smiling snowman holding some sort of red bird.

Do you think the teapot advert looks like a caricature of Hitler? Maybe if you squint!!

Source: NBC