For many seasoned and budding artists, finding the right record label is a crucial step towards achieving success. Usually, this doesn’t pan out to be an easy thing to do as artists are usually torn between signing into a major record label or taking the indie route.

Both of these options have their pros and cons; however, most musicians who want to enjoy creative freedom tend to lean towards independent record labels.

When it comes to indie labels, SONO Music Group stands out as one of the most innovative and revolutionary players. Driven by a passion for music, the Italian label seeks to find the most promising talents and catapult them to the next level. The company offers exceptional management, concert, and label services for up-and-coming artists who are making great music despite having their studios in their bedrooms or basements.


SONO Music Group works side by side with artists, sharing with them strategies that have been tried and tested on how to go about intricate facets of the music business. They take care of areas such as production, distribution, and promotion in order to release phenomenal record products.


An artist’s image is one of the underlying factors that contribute to their success. SONO Music Group takes care of the nitty-gritty when it comes to this, leveraging social media as a platform to promote all its musicians’ various styles and personalities. This allows their music to reach the largest target audience.

Live Shows and Concerts

This is yet another determining factor for an artist’s success. When it comes to organizing live shows, SONO Music Group takes care of every little detail to ensure that they deliver an unforgettable experience. Promotions, bookings, and other logistics are all taken care of so that musicians can provide optimum energy while performing on stage.

Creative Freedom

Most major record labels are profit-oriented, hence manage tons of artists in the hopes of dispensing as much music as possible. This results in tight deadlines that put lots of pressure on artists. The case is different when it comes to indie record labels such as SONO Music Group. The company prides itself on valuing the freedom of the artists they work with, thus eliminating the pressure most musicians have when they’re signed to other labels. Owing to this, SONO music Group is less likely to pressure an artist to produce music within a tight timeframe since they want to get the optimum record production. This allows artists to focus solely on their craft and improve it as time goes by.

Additionally, indie record labels such as SONO Music Group are less likely to interfere with the creativity of a musician. All the label does is provide the tools that are required to make an artist gain notoriety without tampering with their creativity. This creates a synergic environment between the label and musicians; in turn, it fosters the production of unique and creative content that is less likely to be generic.

A Collaborative Family

At SONO Music Group, passion is the main objective that drives both the label and the artists signed to it. This paves a way for young talented artists to work together as a collaborative group to produce outstanding music. SONO Music Group is big on putting creative minds together in order to share ideas and sharpen each other’s skills. Since the label has the liberty of choosing which musicians to sign, they can create a team of sprouting artists who are passionate about their music.

In addition, the company has partnered with FUGA, an international leading music distributor with a track record that speaks for itself. It provides exceptional services and is one of the three preferred Spotify distributors with over five million deliveries every month. This ensures that the artists get regular airplay which also helps in the promotion of the musicians.

The music industry has certainly changed in the last few years. The introduction of streaming services has made it easy for many artists to distribute their music without the need for a record label. However, going it alone doesn’t have as many benefits as being under a record label, more so an indie one that allows musicians to be as creative as possible. Here are some of the benefits that come with being in an indie record label such as SONO Music Group.

Benefits of Being Under an Indie Record Label

Close Working Relationships

Since indie record labels are quite smaller, the artists are able to develop close working relationships with each other. This boosts their morale on top of creating an avenue for collaboration.

They are Artist-Oriented

Given that most independent record labels sign a few handpicked artists, the pressure to create music only for profit isn’t there. Instead, the label makes decisions that revolve around the improvement and development of their musicians.

Although SONO Music Group is relatively a young label, their effective approach towards building a collaborative family of musicians sets them apart from their peers. They have a competent, innovative staff that’ll do everything to propel musicians to reach their full potential.