Generation Z is the generation of change, the generation of social causes and of environmental protection. It is also the generation of art, of living in the moment, and of creativity in its purest form.

Smoking Paper, the Spanish rolling paper brand, fosters and supports the younger generation in their continuous efforts to develop their art and creativity. Smoking Paper is striving forward under the “Roll with it!” slogan to give alternative and emerging talents a bigger platform than ever before.

What is Roll with It?

“Roll with it!” has been Smoking Paper’s motto and slogan since day one. Nowadays, this simple phrase is much more than just a slogan, it is a philosophy embraced by hundreds of people as well as the brand’s consumers.

That’s why Smoking Paper goes one step beyond, showing itself to be a brand that is committed to different social issues and matters. Smoking Paper is much more than just a make of rolling papers, it has its own exclusive look, its own way of being, and its own unique artistic movement. Smoking Paper is, undoubtedly, an open minded brand that is committed to a wide range of social causes.

“Roll With It!” is more than just a slogan, it is a lifestyle choice shared by all those who take a more laid back approach to life, despite their busy routines. Roll with it! Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and relish the Smoking Paper experience.

Smoking Paper is aimed at those people who know the importance of good vibes, a positive attitude, and a great sense of humor. There is nothing better than the “Roll With It!” motto to capture the essence of this unique and characteristic Spanish brand.

Smoking Paper’s mission as an international brand

Smoking Paper was established in 1924 in Spain, specifically in Capellades (Barcelona), but it only took a few years for the brand to expand beyond Spain and reach countries like the United States.

The quality of its products, its wide selection of designs, and the hard work that goes into each product is why Smoking Paper has positioned itself as a leading brand in the international market. In fact, despite starting off as a small family company, Smoking Paper has always aimed big and wanted to grow its business and make its products known around the world. In addition to its products, Smoking Paper’s success in the American market is also down to its urban style, its youthful culture, and the good vibes that the brand conveys wherever it goes.


In line with its urban and artistic style, Smoking Paper developed “Creators”, an online space where emerging talents are shared and given a voice. With Smoking Creators the Spanish company lists and publishes a wide selection of different concepts and projects developed by young artists aiming to be the latest success stories in the worlds of music, illustration, digital art, graffiti, and even tattoo art.

Whatever the technique or motive behind each piece of work, Creators is a space to share the talent of people like you. A unique digital space where you can share your creations with an online community hallmarked by good vibes and authenticity.