Buying used cars from a reputable brand like Vision Kia Canandaigua is an investment. Although cheaper than buying a brand-new car, a used car still requires regular maintenance for you to fully enjoy its features for the longest time possible.

You need to check your car, diagnose any problems, and have it fixed as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse. But as a car owner in Canandaigua, New York, do you know when your used car needs some maintenance? Are you aware of the signs to look out for?

Being a car owner isn’t a one-time thing, where your responsibility ends once you’re able to buy a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. You should exert time and effort for its maintenance as well. Here are some signs that your used car already needs some maintenance:

1. Your car has been stalling.

There are a lot of reasons why you chose to buy a car, but for sure, one of these is to provide convenience to you and to your family. However, having a car that stalls when you’re in the middle of an intersection is time-consuming, stressful, and not to mention dangerous.

Experiencing this can also delay your productivity for the day, which can result in a bad mood. If you know this situation all too well because you can no longer count how many times your car stalled, have it checked right away. Fouled spark plugs and a clogged fuel filter might be the culprits why your car is acting up.

2. You’ve reached the recommended mileage.

One of the easiest ways to know if your car needs maintenance is by looking at its mileage. Depending on the year, make and model of your car, you might need to have an oil change for every 5,000 kilometers. This indicator is usually found in the upper left side of your windshield, so have time to check.

3. You’re always having a hard time starting your car.

Human beings can be forgiven for being sluggish early in the morning, but your car can’t. Your car is a machine, which means that it’s expected to work the moment you want it to. If you’re having a hard time starting your car, or if it starts but doesn’t continue running, you’ve got a problem. This can mean that your car has either a weak battery or a clogged fuel filter, so make sure to have it checked ASAP.

4. The warning lights are malfunctioning.

The dashboard plays an important role whenever you’re driving. With it, you can determine if any of your lights are turned on or off, or if you need to get gas. Because of its importance, you

should always pay attention to the condition of your dashboard. Does the hazard sign turn on when used? How about the engine and oil light? When any of these lights are malfunctioning, it’s a telltale sign that your used car needs some maintenance. You might only need a few minor adjustments to address these problems but the efficacy of your dashboard, along with its warning lights, can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

5. Your car doesn’t have power anymore.

If you have been using the same car for years, you can quickly identify if there are any changes in its performance. You can assess if it doesn’t run as fast, or if it’s no longer as responsive as before. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, along with reduced acceleration, it’s time for a tune-up. Driving a car that can’t provide the power you’ve expected can only lead to accidents on the road.

6. Your car makes irregular noises.

Your car is made up of different mechanisms, which is why you can’t expect it to run without making any sounds at all. Hearing a whirring sound every time you start your car is typical as it indicates that the mechanisms are actually working. But when you hear loud, irregular noises from your car, that’s another story. You should immediately call an automotive technician the moment you hear irregular sounds when you’re slowing down or accelerating.

Hire The Pros

If you’ve ticked off just one item from this list, immediately call professionals. Don’t wait for another “sign” to happen because when it does, your car might already be in terrible shape. Although it can be tempting, never try to repair your car on your own as well. Doing this will only do more harm than good, especially if you don’t have the know-how when it comes to proper vehicle maintenance.