If you’re a fan of Disney parks and resorts, then it’s likely you’re a member of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).

If, however, you’ve lost interest in going to Disney or want to go only on occasion, you might wonder if it’s still worth holding onto your DVC points. You might wonder if you should go about selling DVC points to other Disney fans.

This short guide will show you how to sell DVC points and whether you should consider it at all.

Here’s how to sell DVC points:

Selling DVC Points

You can sell your DVC points on an online marketplace that specializes in timeshares. You can also use these marketplaces to exchange your DVC points for points from other timeshares.

For example, you can look at this HGVC points chart to see how you can sell DVC points to exchange them for rewards at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

You’ll need to accumulate lots of points before selling them. Potential buyers will want to buy a huge bulk of DVC points at once at a discounted price.

Now let’s look a bit deeper as to when you should and shouldn’t sell your DVC points.

Should I Sell My DVC Points?

If you don’t travel to Disney resorts and parks often, then you should consider selling DVC points. This does mean that you’ll pay full price when you do go.

However, if you don’t frequent these Disney vacations then you can use the cash you earn to pay for your next trip. DVC points are valuable and this is a lucrative opportunity for you to consider.

You can also use this cash to repurchase DVC points again in the future. If you’ve cut down on your Disney trips then you might as well sell your DVC points and keep the cash.

When You Shouldn’t Sell Your DVC Points

Of course, if you visit Disney often then you shouldn’t sell your DVC points. However, you also should consider how much money you would normally spend at a Disney park or resort.

For example, DVC points get you discounts at souvenir shops as well as with amenities. But if you don’t take advantage of these amenities, then you don’t need to hold onto the points.

If you depend on DVC points to get discounts at your resort stays or at Disney restaurants, then you shouldn’t sell them.

You should also hold onto your DVC points if you’re planning an extended trip to Disney during the holidays. Prices are higher during this period, so DVC points will come in handy.

Buy or Sell DVC Points

Now you can decide whether you should buy or sell your DVC points. If you want to stay in a timeshare outside of Disney’s sphere, then consider selling DVC points.

This is also a great option if you want to make extra cash as a side venture. You should hold onto your DVC points if you visit Disney often or are saving up for a long trip.

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