Got an old junk car sitting around? Make the most out of its parts! Check out this guide on all the things you can do with junk cars.

Every year in the US around 15 million cars become unusable. This happens when the cost of repairs outprice the cost of a new car. The majority of cars will last for around 8 years. Or they will do up to 150,000 miles. So what do you do when scrapping a car becomes your final option?

Well, there are lots of possibilities! Read on to find out seven great things to do with junk cars.

1. Sell It for Parts

This is most people’s first port of call. Parting a car offers you the opportunity to make at least some of your money back on it. This is because any junkyard car has a certain amount of scrap value.

Particular parts of it might still work. Or they might be cheaper to repair than to buy new. So a lot of people offer cash for junk cars.

Do your research on different buyers. Some are only interested in parts while others will buy the whole thing. Shopping around for different quotes ensures you get the best deal.

2. Donate It To a Mechanic School

This option won’t make you any money, but it will make some students very happy.

It offers students the opportunity to learn first-hand about the inner workings of a car. And it’ll take get your scrap car off your hands.

High schools or mechanic programs are often on the lookout for cars to work on. So they’ll happily take the whole thing. This can save you valuable time getting rid of it.

It could also save you money. Donating your car can give you a nice tax break on it.

3. Create a Wildlife Habitat

This one is a little more creative.

You can use your old car to create a new wildlife habitat in your local area. Old vehicles are an ideal base for creating faux reefs in ponds or lakes. This hugely benefits water life there.

Obviously, before you do this it’s important to check who owns the waterbody and to get any necessary permissions.

4. Donate It To Charity

Donating your car to charity means they can make some money off the parts. And it gives you a tax break on getting rid of it.

A lot of charities will accept car donations. They then sell them on as a whole or for parts and the money will go towards their cause.

This is a great way to make a contribution. But always look into the charities beforehand to ensure they’re the real deal.

5. Get Creative

There are loads of different ways to recycle your own car.

You could use the tires to create swings in the garden. Or save the window glass for making a greenhouse.

If you’re into art then why not use your old car for a new project? Or you could donate it to a community art project or playground. This is a sure-fire way to give it a new lease of life.

6. Trade It In

Getting rid of an old car isn’t always about how to junk a car.

If you’re looking to make some money back on it then look into the resale value. It might not be much but some vendors will let you put this towards the price of a new car. This is a great option if you don’t have one already lined up.

7. Barter Away

Bartering with a friend, relative or colleague is probably your best option for making money back on your car. You might get a better price talking to an individual in comparison to an organization.

But make sure you communicate well throughout and respect one another’s opinions. You don’t want to damage a relationship over an old car.

So There You Have It!

Whether you’re looking to make money or to try something new, there are loads of options for getting rid of junk cars! For more inspiration check out these vintage cars’ transformation into sculptures.