Hiring a roofing company is a very important step when it comes to home renovations and repairs. Your roof is a part of your home’s foundational structure, and thus it needs to be treated as such.

When you’re hiring a roofing company there are a lot of questions you need to ask, because working on a roof is actually a pretty dangerous job. Keep reading below to find out just what you need to ask.

Make Sure They’re Licensed

It’s important that when you hire a roofing company that you’re hiring a team of individuals who are fully licensed contractors. Even journeymen have licenses (which is what most “subcontractors” or employees are). Aside from the business’ license itself, every person on the team should have their own contractor license number, and you have a right to see proof. When you’re talking to your roofing company, ask for this information.

Ask About Insurance

Not only should they all be licensed, but every individual that is working needs to be insured by the company so that if there are any problems, errors, or at the worst case scenario, accidents (yes, they happen from time to time, and sometimes it just happens). By making sure your contractors are fully insured, then you will know that you aren’t liable for anything. Why should you be? You’re paying them for their service. Make sure you see this proof of insurance as well.

Discuss Price Options

Find out what types of materials the contractor you’re talking to is using. All of these things are going to be considered when it comes time to pay the final bill for the bid that is made, and it’s important that you know how much their labor costs, the material costs, as well as how many employees they will be having work. Some companies charge more when they have less employees, and some when they have more. You just need to find the contractor that can give you not only the best price, but the best quality.

Experience and Reviews

It’s important that a roofing company you talk to has a portfolio of some sort. Ask about the most recent client’s information they have (if they refuse to give this to you, you may want to back off and find another client if they seem untrustworthy), but also ask for other references. Keep in mind that most of the references they give you will be those that cater them to a solid “good job” review, so you also need to do your own homework and check reviews online if possible. Also don’t be afraid to ask around and ask them for samples of their work.


These aren’t the only questions you need to ask your contractor. You also need to know if they offer any type of warranty for their work (which many do). If they don’t, you may find yourself working with a non-reputable contractor and want to move on.

However, this doesn’t mean that just because they’re the new guy in the market that they don’t provide quality service either. If you are looking for the complete cheapest price out there, you’re going to get the cheapest work, so keep that in mind too. And don’t think that you only have to talk to one roofing contractor. Give each contractor in the area a chance to answer all of these questions and weigh the pros and cons of each.

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