A new food company has recently started up which creates delicious protein snack bars with one special ingredient that you have probably never eaten, insects.

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This alternative type of cereal bar has been called jungle bar and it`s creating quite a stir in the food industry.

The question is, do you have the stomach to try one?

The company behind these protein snack bars are based in Iceland and have been making these treats since June 2014. But they are currently looking for funding to expand their business and hopefully export these bars to the rest of the world.

Those who have had the fortune or misfortune of trying such a delicious snack have been surprised on how nice they actually taste.

How Is The Jungle Bar Made?

You’ll be pleased to know that they don’t just throw the insects in there. The crickets are bred on a special farm and then dried and crushed into a very fine powder.

The cricket powder is then added to a mixture of dates, chocolate and other healthy seeds before being turned into yummy protein snack bars.

Even though this may seem disgusting to many there are many cultures around the world that eat bugs as part of their staple diet. They are very high in protein and in abundance all over the world.

So if we could just all get over the horrible look of bugs we should really be eating more of them so this could be the start of a good thing.

Would you be tempted to try one of these bug bars?

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Check out more information about insect protein snack bars Jungle bar on Kickstarter here.