A mysterious figure was spotted by passengers during a plane flight across the UK. The figure had a similar resemblance to a human and seemed to be walking on the clouds.

Passenger Aboard Plane Flight Spots Figure In Clouds 1

Of course it`s impossible for anybody to take a stroll on the clouds but it is freaky and what gets more mysterious is the fact this figure has a shadow.

The photo was posted on the site Reddit and caused quite a stir with numerous people saying it looked like the Iron Giant from Warner Brother`s animated cartoon and some saying it looked like the famous Michelin man.

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Passenger Aboard Plane Flight Spots Figure In Clouds 2

But one person has come forward with a theory that seems a bit more realistic, he claims its just a couple of tall smoke stacks on the ground and the heat has pushed up the layer of clouds. But, when you consider that clouds are allows moving surely it would look a bit different, or would it?

What do you think has caused this bizarre image to appear in the clouds.

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Bonus Fact

Most people think that the food on commercial airlines is horrible but the truth of the matter is that during a flight your body changes and only one third of your taste buds work properly. In fact many airlines have to put an increased amount of salt in their in flight meals so that you are actually able to taste it.

So that disgusting plane meal you had on the plane might not have been so bad after all.