Feed Man Eating Tigers Pet Foods By Hand (1)
This woman from Florida likes to feed her Man Eating Bengal tigers pet foods by hand and believe it or not she has not lost any fingers yet!

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Feed Man Eating Tigers Pet Foods By Hand (5)

Janice Haley keeps 2 enormous Bengal tiger names Saber weighing 600 pounds and Janda weighing 400 pounds. While most people like to do some gardening in their spare Janice prefers to feed her two giant cats pet foods by hand as a hobby.

The two giants have now become so friendly because of the hand feeding that they actually find it hard to fall asleep unless they a suckling on Janice’s fingers.

Janice first explored her new life style 20 years ago giving up her career and turning her time to looking after tigers.

She saw 2 tigers advertised for sale as cubs locally and decided this was a challenge she needed to take up, when the tigers arrived she instantly fell in love with the two cutest bundles of fur she had ever seen.

Janice recognizes that it is not the best thing to have such magnificent beast in captivity when they should be roaming free but these cubs were captive bred so they would never have known what it would be like to live in the wild anyway.

One thing is for sure these two enormous Bengal tigers are absolutely loving being spoiled every day by their doting surrogate mother.

In the wild Bengal tigers are renowned hunters and quite often turn into man eaters when they are old, sick wounded or just looking for some easy prey, looking at the size of these two tigers it’s easy to see why you would not stand any chance if they ever decided to attack.

See Janice feeding her tigers pet foods by hand on Youtube