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Seven year old Rambo the pet rescued alligator has become an internet sensation after his ATV quad bike riding escapades have gone viral!

Mary Thorn who lives in Florida rescued Rambo seven years ago. He had been cooped up in a small dark room and needed some to come to his aid and he soon become part of the family.

Mary soon found out that not only was this little fellow not aggressive but he actually enjoyed her company and doing things with her in her daily life. She now takes him everywhere. Even on her quad bike. When she goes shopping he is with. She even dresses him up sometimes. He just doesn’t care. He is more like a pet dog than an alligator.

Local authorities wanted to take Rambo away once he reached six feet in length. So Mary had to acquire a place with 2 acres of land just so that she could keep him. This does not actually help Rambo in any way as he is very sensitive to sunlight. But the law is law and she will do what she needs to, to keep him by her side. Most of the day he spends in the house but when she takes him out she dresses him up which helps to protect his skin from the sun.

Not everybody understands it when they see her with her pet alligator but it makes no difference to her. As long and she and her baby Rambo are happy that’s fine with her.

Mary takes Rambo to many charity events and conventions. She has taught Rambo not to bite, scratch or head but the public. On some occasions she even takes him to elementary schools so that children can see that not all alligators are the monsters they are taught that they can be.

You can read the full story on Rambo at the link below.

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