Digital marketing is getting more expensive as the year progresses. So, you may find yourself in a bit of a rut if you were planning to release a big campaign but don’t have the sufficient balance to execute it.

Still, there are online marketing strategies that anyone can do to effectively market their brand even when they are operating on a tight budget.

Have a Branding Story

Most consumers today want to know how a company came to be and why it was established in the first place. You can take advantage of this by sharing your branding story on your website. Mention what you stand for, the problems you want to fix with your products or services, and your vision for the future. This humanises your brand somehow.

Note that if you don’t have a website yet, you should register your domain name now to avoid complications like other people buying it first. Your domain name will support your brand story since you will have to share why you chose to name your brand that way.

Blogging + Vlogging

Both blogging and vlogging appeal to a more personalized setting. This strategy is probably the easiest way to get more audience to relate to your brand and gain organic following. Yes, it is a bit on the heavier-side when it comes to producing content but we all know that the most consumed form of content is online videos. Plus, blogging is a free marketing option that you can setup for your website. And if you put the right keywords, it will be easier for Google to recommend you to users who are searching for queries.

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Search Engine Optimized keywords are essential to your marketing strategy because Google and other search engines provide a high percentage of online visitors to business websites. In addition, you should also set up a very unique hashtag that best identify your branding to effectively build up your online presence. It makes it easier for your audience and potential customers to find you in local search pages and hit your account in numerous social media channels.

Build Your Own Community

This is one of the most audience-focused strategy you can implement to market your brand. For example, build a group within your business page where you can invite your current followers to join and have genuine conversations there. Chances are they will invite other connections to join your community.

Team Up with Other Brands

You can also consider taking up a partnership with other brands that are complementary to yours. If you know a couple of businesses that have the same advocacy as yours then why not team up and set up an online event? Brainstorm on an even where both your audience can participate in like Live Vlogs or even Webinars.

Your online success shouldn’t be determined by how big your budget. It should be about the strategies you execute for optimum results. Consider these and see how it affects your online presence.