Political movies are mostly appreciated because of their abilities to complement the real figures. It isn’t difficult for people to differentiate between the real and reel character of the Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, and more.

Casino Jack is one such straightforward and impressive movies, depicting the real events with the name of the lead roles and other characters identical to the actual figures. The film is not based on casino gaming featuring some kind of best slots but it is a non-fictional story featuring a fraud Republican member. The movie clearly seems to use an imaginary sledgehammer to target the close love triangle comprising lawmakers, money, and lobbyists. The story is based on strong lobbyists of Washington, who was accused of stealing casino funds.

Abramoff can be seen as an honorable and Republican standard-bearer who tricked Indian ethnic group out of million to campaign for his casinos. This consequently enhanced him and his associate Barry Pepper (Michael Scanlon), and some of the reputable members of Congress party. Abramoff was a sharp-eyed individual of his group and used to dress in an elegant outfit. However, his regular workouts, fine dressing sense, and smartness did not make him an honest person. He was a devious and a man with no principles.

The movie is often believed to be unsympathetic with Scanlon, an offensive and vulgar pal who had the confidence to show his rudeness and corruption. If there is an exciting thing in the movie then it’s all because of Spacey’s performance which involves a lot of thrill and secrecy. According to the fictional script, Abramoff utilized a major part of the stolen bucks for generous works, which even made him look as if he is the most charitable man in the entire world. However, his main charity was not for the needy ones but himself.

The plot of the Movie

The movie comprises plenty of scenes which leaves the audience wondering why Abramoff Scandal couldn’t outperform Watergate. Jack Abramoff is the character with some small intuition for justice. One of the most theatrical and extraordinary scenes is when he creates a lot of drama in the Senate hearing and yells at the members of Senate panel.

He gets so carried away with his emotions that he pays no attention to the lawyers sitting over there and even disregards the fifth amendment. He accuses the members of fetching his campaign contributions from his Indian clients and then favoring them. Surprisingly, the director intercuts actual recording of the Senate panel hearing which in reality took place.

No one out of the lawyers and members involved in the movie was apt to file a suit. Abramoff turned out to be the famous cheaters at that time, but gradually his name was all erased from the records and references. And it is probably less likely for anyone to make his name current again

The final message people got from the movie was quite transparent. Commercial and industrial campaigners are the main leaders in Washington and their bucks are the chief votes. It wasn’t only Abramoff, but both the parties embraced corruption with the Republicans engaging in deceitful activities.