For high-flying entrepreneurs and financial professionals, business travel is a must. It provides the opportunity to research global market trends, forge vital network connections and assess the appropriateness of international expansion.

Travelling for work isn’t always smooth sailing. Slow internet, limited networking opportunities or poor infrastructure can negatively impact your ability to do business overseas.

Based on the above, here are the most popular Asian cities for financial professionals to enjoy.

1. Singapore

Many successful businesses choose to set up shop in Singapore. The bustling city of approximately 5.9 billion is favoured by financial professionals due to its high-quality amenities. The Singapore Changi Airport is known for its comfort and efficiency, while the country’s internet speed is an impressive 85.4Mbps. Doing business is easy even if you don’t have an office in Singapore, with WeWork spaces (flexible temporary workplaces) set up all over the city.

2. Seoul

South Korea has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The city plays host to several high profile events and financial conferences every year, making it the perfect place for financial professionals to form powerful industry connections and liaise with thought-leaders in their fields. South Korea is also known globally for its robust and transparent regulatory framework, which should increase both consumer and investor confidence when making business transactions.

3. Tokyo

As one of the leading financial hubs in area, Tokyo is an obvious choice for business travel. The city is known for its focus on innovation and technology, making it a suitable backdrop for entrepreneurs to explore new ideas and see fresh concepts in action. Fintech entrepreneurs, in particular, will be amazed by the local advances in the industry.

Tokyo is home to one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and also possesses a well-regulated banking and financial system. This makes the city an ideal meeting point for investors, prospective clients and business partners. You’ll have no shortage of networking opportunities in Tokyo.

4. Hong Kong

Like Tokyo, Hong Kong is another formative financial center in Asia. The city has a strong focus on international trade and investments and attracts financial professionals from all over the world. Home to the world’s freest economy, business travellers will also enjoy the high rate of English speakers, making both personal and professional communication less challenging. Those looking to do business will also enjoy substantial lower taxes than in the West.

5. Beijing

Boasting the world’s second largest economy, Beijing is recognised as another Asian city that champions innovation and welcomes international investments. A key reason to do business in Beijing is the staunch support from the Chinese government, which has recently implemented a number of policies that support foreign investment, including speedy regulatory processes and generous tax breaks.

Geographically speaking, Beijing is also very well connected, making it easy for you to travel to other suitable Chinese cities to conduct business in, like Shanghai and Guangzhou.

If you’re a financial professional, make sure you add these top 5 Asian cities to your next business trip.