Well, do you want to make some money by selling your photos online? Or are you looking for the best websites to earn money? Being a photographer, it’s possible to earn some good cash online.

You only need to look for the right sites that will pay you for quality pieces. Besides, there is a high demand for photos online, and individuals and businesses regularly buy photos online. These sites come with different payment structures, but they enable you to convert those photographs into cash after uploading them.

Besides, you don’t need the state of the art camera, and even if your camera has a good camera, you can make money. But I will advise you to get a higher quality camera such as DSLR cameras to get a broad market for your photographs. There are more ways of monetizing your photographs now than ever, and they include:

Top Five Sites of Making Money from your Photos

1. Your Website

The best place to sell your photographs is your personal website. This is because you will have increased flexibility as you can charge your own prices and there won’t be any middleman. Besides, you choose the photos to sell, display and you control the entire process. And if you don’t have a website, then creating one is a simple process that won’t even take an hour. You can use WordPress to set up your site and invite visitors to check and buy the photos.

2. 500px Prime

Over 6 million photographers from across the world prefer this platform for selling their photos. They pay the photographers 70% for every sold license. Your images can also be listed in top campaigns. Signing up for an account in this platform is easier and free. After creating an account, you can sell the photos, and you can choose to resell your photos or not.

3. Alamy

If you are a student and you want to sell photos, then your best platform is Alamy. You can join their student contributor scheme to get the full amount from selling your photos for two years. This is possible with universities registered in their site and you can get between 16 to 400 euros for your images. They also have a mobile app where you will get 80% from the photos.

4. SmugMug Pro

New and established photographers will find SmugMug to be their best choice for selling their photos online. It’s an impressive platform with very handy tools and gives you 85% of your photos’ sale. Their prices are also amazing, and you can sign for a premium membership to get access to additional handy tools to sell your photos online.

5. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is also a popular platform for any photographer who wants to sell their photos online. It has been in place for over 15 years and has millions of customers spanning different industries. It does not pay much, but it is ideal for beginner photographers looking to make money.

Bottom line

The secret on how to make money selling photos of yourself as a photographer is now possible thanks to customers who are buying images online. You should also have your business card ready and join LinkedIn for you to meet potential clients. This will help transform this business into a life-learning opportunity.