Precious metals have a history of retaining value during both economic expansions and difficulties. In the 1970s, for instance, when inflation was high, gold’s price rose 500%, according to Lear Capital chairman and founder Kevin DeMeritt.

“Gold is often seen as a pretty good hedge against inflation,” DeMeritt says. “If I’m losing [a percentage] of the value of my paper money’s purchasing power, I need something to offset that. Gold happened, in the past, to be one of the better assets that can offset the inflation rate.”

Because investment demand can drive the interest in gold during periods of economic uncertainty, and consumer demand may contribute to its performance when the economy is booming, the precious metal can potentially provide positive returns in diverse market conditions, according to research from the World Gold Council.

“Gold has an inverse relationship to stocks and other types of assets,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “The volatility is not going to be the same as other investments.”

Precious Metals’ Potential

A number of the more than 90,000 customers that Lear Capital has worked with since its 1997 start have said they’ve been drawn to precious metals’ performance capabilities — such as Frank B., who submitted one of the Lear Capital reviews that is available on the Trustpilot platform.

“After watching my funds disappear from my other investments, I decided that I would be better off with precious metals than having a portfolio with a track record of losses,” Frank said. “If the dollar value drops, I win with precious metals.”

In one of the Lear Capital reviews that’s on Google, Eric W. said he felt confident about his decision to purchase precious metals after speaking with a Lear Capital representative.

“I wanted to diversify my portfolio but was hesitant, as I did not have much knowledge about the precious metals market,” Eric wrote. “Luke at Lear Capital made this investment very easy to understand.”

Willie H. recently expressed praise for the guidance Lear Capital provided.

“I am a first-time investor, so I was definitely nervous about the process,” he wrote in one of the Lear Capital reviews on Google. “Lear Capital’s representative and manuals helped clear my mind, and now I feel confident about my initial purchase and plan on buying more as soon as possible.”

Altur G. said the precious metal purchase he made recently went smoothly.

“I’ve never regretted choosing Lear Capital as an intermediary to invest in precious metals!” he wrote in his review of the company on Google. “The cargo arrived safe and sound, and I plan to continue working with these guys. They can indeed be trusted, especially in the troubling environment in which the U.S. financial system finds itself.”

Bill C. said the Lear Capital representative he spoke with “did a great job explaining the process and provided invaluable advice.”

“While I was researching which company I wanted to help me purchase gold and silver, Lear was head and shoulders above the rest,” Bill wrote in a Google review. “I will definitely use Lear again when I decide to make additional purchases!”

In addition to gold, silver, according to Kevin DeMeritt, has become a highly in-demand asset, yet the supply that is available hasn’t increased.

“Numerous investors view silver as a hedge against inflation because it has tended to increase in price during periods of high inflation,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “Silver is also needed for industrial and clean energy processes. There’s going to be demand for silver from industrial uses, regardless if investors purchase it or not.”

Bill M. also purchased silver from Lear Capital several years ago — and worked with the company in January when he made another purchase.

“Recently, when I wanted to buy gold, I went straight to Lear Capital again,” Bill wrote in one of the Lear Capital reviews that’s available on Trustpilot.

A Continuous Collaboration

Numerous investors have become Lear Capital repeat customers. Some have mentioned the company’s commitment to customer service as one reason they’ve kept reaching out when they want to purchase precious metals.

Lear Capital can also help investors set up and fund a self-directed IRA account in which they can hold precious metals.

“Simply give us a phone call,” Kevin DeMeritt says. “One of the representatives will get you the paperwork to transfer whatever portion of [an] IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) you would like over to a physical precious metals IRA.”

In one of the Lear Capital reviews that have been shared on Trustpilot, Richard P. said he appreciated the assistance he received.

“I have never had a company that was as helpful as Lear Capital,” he wrote. “Their customer service system is seamless, easy, and caters to those who are not financially savvy.”

Dianne B. has purchased precious metals through Lear Capital for several years.

“After much anxiety with my investments in the stock market, I decided to contact and explore precious metals at Lear Capital,” she wrote in a Trustpilot review. “Throughout my association with Lear Capital, I have been very pleased with the efficiency of the purchasing process. I trust Lear Capital and [am] so grateful for their commitment to my successful financial future!”

Judi C. contacted the company in January to buy gold for a second time. In another one of the Lear Capital reviews on Trustpilot, she said the customer service representative she worked with, Frank, arranged for the coins she purchased to be delivered overnight.

“I was leaving on a trip the following day,” Judi wrote. “Frank assured me he would do his best to see that I received them before my departure. Next day around 10:30 a.m., they were at my door!”

According to Lear Capital reviews, multiple clients also appreciate the company’s responsiveness. John, an investor who has worked with Lear Capital, described his precious metal purchasing experience as “fast and easy.”

“Time is money, and the more money I can make, the more I can convert to gold,” he wrote in a review of the company he posted on Trustpilot. “I had also been carrying around silver coins and they made it super easy to offload them! I like the way Lear does business — transaction costs are fair, and when I die, my heirs can liquidate my coins, if necessary, on a commission-free basis. Having a multigenerational wealth resource with Lear is a big win for me, my family, and future generations!”