The Casino is one of the famous movies based on gambling and entertainment. Directed by the famous director Martin Scorsese, this movie revolves around different casino games.

The main characters in the movie were acted by Sharon Stone and James Woods. The movie has strong resemblance to another iconic movie named Goodfellas. While the movie is not as great as the latter, it does not disappoint either. There are quite a few interesting facts regarding the movie that the audience will like. After knowing these facts, you may even want to watch the movie.

Sharon Stone wore jewellery weighing around 45 pounds

In the first scene of Sharon Stone, the jewellery she was wearing had a weight of around 45 pounds. Stone was said to be in quite an agony with a back injury that she had. However, the work earned her the nomination for best actress nomination in 1996. To make the movie more realistic, Martin Scorsese got real employees of the FBI to act in the movie. This would make the mannerisms and gestures quite realistic. Robert De Niro was instructed to hold the cigarette in a particular position to look like a chain smoker that resembled the protagonist of the film.

While shooting, Sharon Stone was so tensed in some of the scenes that the director had to accompany her. For example, in the scene that was shot in the phone booth, Martin Scorsese had to hold Stone’s hand throughout the shooting as she was extremely tensed. However, after the film was released it was seen that Stone has given a stellar performance in that particular scene. In most scenes that involved Sharon Stone, Scorsese had to sit on the floor outside the shot. Stone’s character was named as Ginger in the film. Perhaps the nervousness brought out one of her best performances.

To make the character look extremely realistic and to make the mannerisms perfect, Robert De Niro met Frank Rosenthal, the person on whom the main character of the film is based on. After meeting Rosenthal, the actor tried to imitate the mannerisms, way of speaking and the gestures of the original person to make the film look quite realistic. The scenes of the film were shot near the Riviera between 1 AM and 4 AM so that it does not hamper the normal operations of the casino. However, a lot of gamblers used to assemble even at that time to watch the shooting.

Costumes in the movies amounted to around $1 million

At the end of the movie, there is a scene of the casino being imploded. The scene was taken from the Dunes that took place in October 1993 and January 1994. Nearly 20000 people were spectators of that event. The budget of the costumes that were used in the movie amounted to $1 million and while De Nero had 7 costumes, Stone wore around 40 costumes. After the movie, both the actors were allowed to take these costumes with them.

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