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Witness what a real piranha feeding frenzy looks like, you’ll be horrified by what these razor teethed fish are capable off.

If you are ever taking an adventure holiday in the Amazon it`s not just the anacondas you need to be concerned about. The tropical lakes and rivers are also home to hundreds of thousands of ferocious piranhas too.

Fishing is normally a safe hobby in the rest of the world but these Brazilian fisherman are risking their lives almost every time they cast off.

The following video shows a quiet calm river but see what happens when a chunk of meat gets thrown. Be warned it may put off ever getting into the water again.

Despite these fish seeming terrifying there is a plus side. Piranhas hardly ever attack humans, they follow the scent of blood so will only attack you if your are bleeding. So if you fancy taking a dip in the Amazon make sure you don’t have any cuts or bruises.

The piranha’s teeth are extremely sharp and have a sort of triangular shape. This makes it easier for them to twist their bodies and rip pieces of flesh off their victims. This twisting action is the splashing you see while they are feasting.

Piranhas instinctively believe that there is safety in numbers and so hunt in schools of up to a thousand fish. If food is scarce these fish have been known to start eating other making them vicious cannibals as well as deadly predators.

Bonus Piranhas Facts

Did you know that piranhas can consume a large animal in seconds only leaving it’s skeleton? How scary is that?

These fierce fish can live up to twenty five years of age.

Fossil evidence shows that piranha ancestors were around 25 million years ago, but the modern has only been around for 1.8 million years.

Would you ever enter piranha infested waters???