How To Turn Away Visitors To Your Blog

Growing a blog is like growing a plant. It takes time and patience but once it’s grown it’s all maintenance from there. There are lots of blogs out there so you need to make sure that you are taking a good quality approach to building up your following. There are however some very important areas to not venture into if you truly want to build a brand, visitors or an audience to your blog.

Too Many Affiliate Posts
Don’t get me wrong; writing posts with affiliate links is not a problem but if your entire blog consists of nothing but affiliate posts with affiliate links you are going to turn off a majority of your audience fairly quickly.

AdSense Ads Everywhere
If your entire blog consists of blinking Google AdSense ads that is not going to do anything for you either. You think you might make money but the reality is that you are not going to make as much as you think and all you are going to do is ruin your image and brand.

Poor Blog Design
Yes, design is very subjective but there are some design standards that should always be followed. Keep things up to date and unique in quality if you truly want to keep and hold traffic. If your design is very poor and unbalanced visitors are going to get turned off.

Poor Overall Writing
I think this is just a given, but if your writing skills are poor along with horrendous grammar you are going to get chewed up and spit out by your industry. If it’s really bad they won’t even do anything. They especially won’t come back a second time, which is just as bad.

Lack Of Updates
If you update your blog once every six months that is a clear sign that there is no effort on your part and your audience will see this also.

A blog should always be treated like a business if you really want to succeed with it, otherwise it will crash and burn and only waste your time and resources. Take the time to maintain it properly while always wearing your business hat and over time it might just flourish.